2024 Expert Guide To Choose The Best RV For Full Time Living

Are you wondering what the best RV for full time living is? There are so many amazing RVs that it can be difficult to choose!

You are in the right article. Our family has lived in two different RVs over the past 9 years. We will explain the pros and cons of different RV styles as well as RV living must-haves so you can pick the perfect rig!

By the end of this ultimate guide, you’ll have all the necessary information and confidence to choose the right RV needed to pursue a life of freedom and comfort. So let’s dive in!

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It Can Be Easy To Get Overwhelmed By The Options Of RVs For Full Time Living

RVs have come a long way in recent years. What once seemed like a basic place to sleep while traveling has turned into a mini luxury apartment on wheels!

You can get almost all of the features of home in today’s RVs you can live in. It can honestly get a little overwhelming at times looking at all of the amazing floor plans and features.

In this ultimate guide to finding the best full-time RV living rig, we will break down everything to look for so you can get the floor plan and features you need without the overwhelm.

Important Considerations When Choosing An RV For Full Time Living

There are many factors to consider when shopping for the best camper for full time living.

One of the best ways to find your ideal rig is to start with the big picture of finding an RV size and RV style to meet your unique needs.

Then we will dive into the details of what individual features you may want for full-time RV living. So let’s get started!

Size Is The Most Important Factor To Choose An RV You Can Live In

There is a common mistake many new full-time RVers make when RV shopping.

The mistake is buying the largest RV with the most bells and whistles they can get. Guess how I know this? Because of course, we did this too…TWICE!

It’s easy to believe that when you are going from the square feet of a house or an apartment to a livable RV, that you need as much living space as possible to soften the blow of the downsize into such a small space.

However, going with big RVs to live in or big campers to live in can be a mistake depending on how you want to RV full time.

The most important factor when looking at the best RVs to live in full time is size. Let’s find out why!

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5th Wheel In RV state park campsite - best RV for full time living

The Types Of Places You Want To Stay Can Determine The Best Full Time Living RV

The problem with this mistake is that buying the largest RV possible never takes into account where you want to stay in the RV, your RV camping style, and how you want your travel days to be.

For example, someone that has an RV full time goal to visit as many national parks as possible will quickly find out that their large RV doesn’t fit in most national parks camping.

When you go to try to reserve national park campsites, you will find that many national parks only fit tiny campers less than 30 or 35 feet.

If your RV travel style is to stay in national and state parks camping, then a smaller RV gives you the best chance of being able to fit in the park’s campers site.

If you plan to mainly stay in camping resorts or at an RV park, your RV spot may work just fine for a big rig.

Often, an RV campsite at a privately owned RV campground will be much smaller than average state park camping locations.

Where you plan to camp is a huge factor when considering the size of campers to live in.

Another huge factor is your camping style. If you plan to boondock/dry camp often, it will be more difficult with a large residential electric fridge and small tanks.

We made the mistake of purchasing a large 5th wheel to begin RV living with all of the bells and whistles to have an amazing daily living space. However, we didn’t consider that our travel goal was to visit and camp in national parks.

It’s really important to consider what types of places you want to stay and how you want to camp before looking at large RVs to live in, so you choose the right size and the right features.

Bigger isn’t always better in RVing.

Consider Living Space Versus Comfortable Travel Days When Looking At The Best RVs For Full Time Living

It’s important to figure out whether living space or the comfort of travel is your priority because, honestly, RVs aren’t usually both.

You either have an amazing comfy travel vehicle that is easy to drive and park.

Or you have an RV with amazing living spaces that are very comfortable for daily living but can be a challenge to drive or park.

Most people (us included) want it both ways, but it’s tough to have both in full-time living.

Towable RVs Versus Drivable RVs For Best RV Full Time Living

Travel days in a Class B campervan, Class C, or Class A motorhome vehicle is a smooth ride with access to the bathroom, kitchen, and sometimes even the TV.

This is the best type of RV to live in if you are looking to travel long distances in comfort.

Drivable RVs are usually much easier to drive and park. They have a better-turning radius, and most have a lower height profile.

The drawback of a drivable RV is that when you reach your destination, the living area can look and feel very cramped. If living space is your priority, this may not be your best RV type for full time living.

Travel days towing a travel trailer or 5th wheel RV are not near as comfortable.

The bathroom is only available if you can find a large parking lot to pull over, the ride isn’t smooth, the trailer gets very hot inside once you have arrived, and you are stuck in the truck all day towing.

They are also much harder to drive and park. The turning radius of the truck and trailer combo isn’t as good, and low clearance trees and bridges can be a huge concern for bigger 5th wheels.

Once you reach your destination, your daily living space is often much larger in a camper trailer or fifth wheel which can make these RV types nice RVs to live in.

Having two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a pantry, a kitchen island, and other house-like features is possible in a full size RV.

RV in state park campsite

Consider Your Minimum Space Needs For Living Or Living And Working In Full Time Camper Living?

Consider the following questions to find your best size RV for full-time living.

How much space do you need in your tiny home for daily life events? Do you work in your RV? Do you have kids or pets or both? Will you homeschool? How much space do you require to keep your sanity?

The best live in RV will meet the different needs of each family member for daily living interior space.

Since you plan to live here versus just camping, you need plenty of space for whatever your day-to-day routine looks like. Looking at large campers to live in may make the most sense for your living needs.

It helps to consider sleeping areas, working areas, and storage. Then you can begin to look at layouts that meet your needs and personal preference.

We will go into creating your specific RV must-haves list later in this article.

Balance your living needs with the first two RV concerns (where/how you want to camp & comfy travel vs. comfy living), and you are getting close.

Consider Your Comfort Level Driving Or Parking A Large Vehicle To Find The Best RV For Full-Time Living

Before you pick the RV to live in full time to explore new places, it’s a good idea to consider your comfort level with driving an RV.

If this is your first RV or your first time driving a large vehicle, then a large RV may not be the best RV to buy.

You may not even know your comfort level for driving or parking yet.

We mentioned the differences in height and turning radius of the drivable RVs versus the towable RVs above.

It comes down to what you are comfortable driving long distances in as full time RVers. The best RV to live in full time is one you can get down the road in without stress or worry.

Something many people overlook is the tow vehicle. If you have a large 5th wheel or towable, you also need a large truck to tow it with.

That large truck is a huge pain to sightsee in and for daily driving once at your destination. How comfortable are you with the tow vehicle?

We have a large dually long bed truck to haul our 42 foot 5th wheel.

It is stable and perfect to tow our home on wheels, but that also means that it is our daily vehicle for errands and sightseeing as RV full timers.

Driving and parking the huge truck is a nightmare sometimes. In fact, sometimes we just can’t fit in a parking lot and have had to leave. It’s a pain.

Some people travel with a second car so they don’t have to use the large truck for sightseeing.

However, having a second vehicle is an added expense and can make it harder to fit into a campsite.

A better idea is to also consider your tow vehicle needed for your RV choice and if it will meet your daily driving needs.

Never ever skimp on a tow vehicle! Sometimes car dealers and RV dealerships will tell you that your vehicle can tow more than it really should.

Don’t max out the towing capacity.

Stationary RV Living Versus Full Time RV Traveling

An exception to all of the considerations we have talked about above is stationary RV living.

You can choose an RV for permanent living long term in year round campgrounds or on privately owned land.

In this case, the best RV for long term living may be a large RV, park model RV, or even one of the destination campers because frequent travel days aren’t a concern.

There are many RV parks for full time living that have spacious sites allowing you to have all the space you need for RV living.

Now we are ready to dive into the pros and cons of different types of RVs so you can make a great choice for RV living.

Try It Before You Buy It

Want to see what it’s like to stay in a small space? Or want to try out driving a large RV to find out how comfortable you are?

I great idea is to rent one like what you are considering purchasing. Possibly even stay in it for a while in a campground near your home.

Outdoorsy is a great place to rent an RV in your area. Then yo can see what you think about driving it and daily living in a small space!

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RV with campfire - RVs to live in

What Type of RV Is Best for Full Time Living?

There is no one size fits all type of RV best for RV living. Campers to live in full time all have pros and cons and the right choice will depend on how and where you want to travel.

Can Any RV Be Good For RV Living? Pros And Cons Of Types Of RVs To Live In

People live in just about any kind of RV you can imagine.

From full time tent living, car camping or camper car, living in a truck camper shell, soft sided pop up camper or pop up trailer, and even a tent trailer.

We have also seen travelers living in a mini camper that is only the size of a bed as well as every bus and vehicle conversion you can imagine.

Really the best campers for full time living are only limited by your creativity.

Before you dive into one of these less traditional options for livable RVs, note that some places will not let you stay in tents, car camping, or bus conversions. 

Some campgrounds require RVIA certified RVs and others don’t allow any RVs older than 10 years. It helps to do a little research.

Also, consider that any soft-sided pop-up or tent-sided camping option isn’t the best RV to live in year-round.

It won’t hold up as long to the demands of full time RV living. Having a hard-sided option is often better for RV life.

Truck Bed Camper

A great hard-sided option that still falls under small campers that can go anywhere, is a truck camper or pickup camper.

The versatility makes it a best small RV for full time living. In fact, truck camper living full time has become more popular over recent years. It is more sturdy than soft-sided options or pop-ups but can still go anywhere.

Any RV can be a good RV for living in, but there are pros and cons to every type of RV. Let’s look at all the options so you can find one that works for you.

Campervan Class B For Full Time Living In A Van

Campervan living has been a classic symbol of freedom going all the way back to the VW camper.

It’s very popular to live in a camper van because of the portable size that allows RVers to stay anywhere.

While vanlife has always been a best RV for single person, you can even find small families enjoying the campervan life in these Class B motorhomes.

Some models have a pop up roof that offers an additional sleeping area for kids.

PROS Class B Campervan

  • Can camp anywhere
  • Easy to park and drive
  • Comfy travel days

CONS Class B Campervan

  • Expensive
  • Low living space
  • Limited to no storage space

Our Pick For Best Class B RV For Full Time Van Living

A best Class B RV for full time travel and our favorite campervan for RV living is the Roadtrek Zion Slumber. We love the convenient bathroom and quality kitchen features in this model.

The best part of the Zion Slumber is the pop up roof sleeping area that gives this van room for 5.

It’s a best RV for single person full time, couples, or a small family to travel in. This is a best small RV to live in year round.


  • Top Full Time Feature: pop-up roof sleeping
  • Price: $192,000
  • Towable Or Drivable: Drivable
  • Lengths: 21′
  • Height: 9′ 5″
  • Fuel Type: Gas
  • Who It’s Best For: singles, families, couples
Perfect Campervan For Families! 😍

Class C RVs For Camper Life

Class C motorhomes are a great option for RV living. They come in many different sizes to meet living needs and are usually easy to drive and park.

You can get a Class C motorhome also as a Super C RV or Super C motorhome with a large diesel engine.

To pick a best class C RV for families, you can even get one with bunk beds to compliment the bed over the cab for additional sleeping room.

PROS Class C RVs

  • Easy to drive and park
  • Camp anywhere
  • Comfy travel days
  • Low height profile

CONS Class C RVs

  • No storage space
  • Low carrying capacity for belongings
  • Low living space
  • Gas mileage

Our Pick For Best Class C RV For Full Time Living

We are huge fans of the Super C RVs made by Renegade RV. They have many different floor plan options, including a toy hauler version.

Our top pick is the Renegade Valencia which has floor plans great for couples or bunks for families and is a best RV for year round living.

  • Top Full Time Feature: study construction
  • Price: around $300,000
  • Towable Or Drivable: Drivable
  • Lengths: 38′ 2″
  • Height: 12′ 10″
  • Fuel Type: Diesel
  • Who It’s Best For: singles, families, couples

Class A RVs For Living In A Motorhome Full Time

Full time motorhome living is a very popular option for couples and families. The comfort and ease of travel make long days on the road a breeze.

Diesel Engine Versus Gas Full Time Living Motorhome

To find the best motorhomes for full time living, you will have to decide if you prefer a diesel pusher or a gas engine.

A diesel engine motor home is much more expensive than a gas engine but also lasts much longer which can make the diesel option the best motorhome for full time living.

Diesel costs more than regular gas right now but a diesel engine gets better gas mileage.

Consider both your budget for the purchase price and for gas when deciding on the right engine type for your motorhome full time living.

PROS Class A RVs

  • Comfy travel days
  • Easy to drive and park
  • Smaller to medium size can camp almost anywhere
  • High carrying capacity
  • Storage

CONS Class A RVs

  • Expensive
  • Gas mileage
  • Less living space in motorhomes to live in

Our Pick For Best Class A RV For Full Time Living

Our pick for the best motorhome to live in full time is actually a brand new model just coming out in 2023 called the Fleetwood Fortis 36Y.

The Fortis line is a more reasonably priced gas engine with great features.

The Fortis 36Y is a brand new model that has 2 bedrooms and 1 1/2 baths, perfect for families.

Couples could also convert the back bunk room into an office or TV room to make this one of the best motorhomes to live in.


  • Top Full Time Feature: 2 bedroom motorhome
  • Price: around 200,000
  • Towable Or Drivable: Drivable
  • Lengths: 39′
  • Height: 12′ 10″
  • Fuel Type: Gas
  • Who It’s Best For: couples, families
First Ever 2 BEDROOM Motorhome!!!😮

Travel Trailers For Full Time Living

Living in a travel trailer full time is an extremely popular option. Not only are they lighter to tow, but they are one of the least expensive options for RV living.

Picking the best travel trailers for full time living can be a challenge because there are so many to choose from.

Keep in mind that you want a sturdy model as a full time living travel trailer so it can hold up to heavy use.

A best travel trailer to live in full time for large families is often one of the ultra lite travel trailers or a bunkhouse travel trailer.

These lighter full time travel trailer options can often be pulled with large SUVs or passenger vans that seat large families.

This can be a huge benefit over a heavier 5th-wheel RV that needs to be towed by a truck that has more limited seating.

PROS Travel Trailers For Full Time Living

  • Least expensive living in a camper
  • Lighter and can sometimes be towed with an SUV
  • Less height profile
  • Storage
  • More living space

CONS Travel Trailers For Full Time Living

  • Less stable towing
  • Low cargo carrying capacity
  • Less sturdy construction

Our Pick For Best Travel Trailer For Full Time Living

We had a tough time picking just one RV in the best travel trailers to live in category, so we have two picks.

It was a toss-up between full time Airstream living and the Grand Design Reflection travel trailer.

The Grand Design Reflection is made in both a 5th wheel and a travel trailer.

The Reflection is a best travel trailer to live in because it is sturdier than many travel trailers and has an Arctic 4-Seasons Package with better insulation.

The Airstream full time living model great for families or couples is the Flying Cloud model.

I included the Airstream as a best travel trailer to live in because it is a sturdy and classic option.

The Flying Cloud has an office or bunkroom option, making it perfect for couples or families with kids.

Storage space is more limited in an Airstream, but they seem to hold up better to RV living than other travel trailers.

Here are the stats on the Flying Cloud 30FB bunk model:


  • Top Full Time Feature: bunk room
  • Price: $124,500
  • Towable Or Drivable: Towable
  • Lengths: 30′
  • Height: 10′
  • Fuel Type: None
  • Who It’s Best For: families, couples 


2 Bedroom Airstream Perfect For Families!

Luxury Travel Trailers For Full-Time Living

Brinkley RV recently released a travel trailer with more floor plans to come soon. We got the chance to tour the Model Z Air 295 at the 2024 Florida RV Show.

This is a best full time travel trailer due to it’s luxury features that have everything commonly found in fifth wheels and then some.

Brinkley is one of the best RV brands for full-time RVing due to it’s exceptional quality that holds up more to daily use.

These top rated RVs are packed with features that make daily use more enjoyable. 

The Model Z Air 295 is a bunkhouse floor plan making it a best travel trailer for full-time living with a family or a best RV for family of 4. 

5th Wheels For Full Time Living

A 5th wheel trailer is the most popular RV living option for families due to the large home-like living space combined with stable towing and lots of storage.

There are so many options in this category that finding the best 5th wheel for full time living can be very overwhelming.

You can literally get any RV features and floor plan imaginable in a full time living 5th wheel. The choices for couples and large families are endless.

We have owned two different 5th wheel RVs during our time on the road, and both times the shopping process was a bit exhausting.

Keep reading to find out how to make a list of must-have features to narrow down the process later in this article.

One note about choosing the best full time living 5th wheel is to pay attention to the RV weight and cargo carrying capacity.

Many of these units are very big and heavy. It’s easy to max out your 5th wheel full time living weight capacity and become overloaded!

You also don’t want to max out your tow vehicle.

PROS 5th Wheel Camper

  • Great living space
  • Higher cargo capacity than travel trailers
  • More stable towing than travel trailers

CONS 5th Wheel Camper

  • Height
  • Hard to tow and park due to size
  • Heavy and needs a large tow vehicle

Our Pick For Best Fifth Wheel For Full Time Living

It was hard to pick the best full time living fifth wheel, but we had to go with the Grand Design Solitude.

It has an abundance of floor plans perfect for couples and for families.

We have a mid-bunk model, and we picked it for living in a fifth wheel year round because the Solitude is actually rated for RV living.

We have been in ours for almost 6 years now, and it has held up well since it is an RV designed for full time living.

Our favorite new model and one of the best fifth wheels for full time living with kids is the 2 bedroom plus loft Solitude 391DL. It has 2 full bathrooms, and the loft is huge.


  • Top Full Time Feature: 2 bedrooms, loft, 2 bathrooms
  • Price: $144,320
  • Towable Or Drivable: Towable
  • Lengths: 43′ 11″
  • Height: 13′ 5″
  • Fuel Type: None
  • Who It’s Best For: singles, families, couples
New 3 BEDROOM 2 Full Bath 5th Wheel RV!😮

Toy Hauler Camper Can Be A Best RV For Living Full Time

Toy haulers can be great options for full time 5th wheel living or travel trailer living. Toy haulers can be found in both options to meet your needs.

The versatile garage space makes toy haulers the perfect motorcycle camper, but it can also be used as an office.

The garage is a popular bedroom option for large traveling families.

Optional lofts and garage bedroom conversions make toy haulers the best RV for full-time living family of 5 or bigger.

Toy haulers are also the best boondocking RV due to having a built-in generator and usually larger tank sizes.

The versatility can’t be beat compared to the other options on our list.

PROS Toy Haulers

  • Equipment for boondocking
  • Generator and extra gas tank
  • Higher cargo capacity
  • Room for toys or business equipment
  • Flexible space for a bedroom or office

CONS Toy Haulers

  • Height
  • Hard to tow and park
  • Heavy and needs a large tow vehicle

Our Pick For Best Toy Hauler For Full Time Living

Our favorite toy hauler for RV living is the Alliance Valor 40V13.

This large 5th wheel toy hauler has a roomy U-shaped kitchen and plenty of living room seating. It also has a huge loft area.


  • Top Full Time Feature: plenty of kitchen room and seating
  • Price: $136,520
  • Towable Or Drivable: Towable
  • Lengths: 44′ 6″
  • Height: 13′ 4″
  • Fuel Type: none
  • Who It’s Best For: families, couples
RV destination trailer for RV living full time

Destination Trailers Or Park Model RVs For Stationary RV Living

Many full time RVing choose to go a different route and purchase one of the destination RVs, also known as park models or park trailers.

We have seen a few RVers using tiny homes or destination RVs to travel in.

Please note that this style of RV trailer isn’t designed to be moved frequently. They can be great options for stationary RVing.

PROS Destination RV

  • Great living space
  • Storage space
  • Stationary living option

CONS Destination RV

  • Not meant to be moved often
  • Height
  • Not aerodynamic

Our Pick For Best Destination RV For Full Time Living

A really popular destination trailer for stationary RV living is the Cedar Creek Cottage. This destination RV has many windows, including a front bay window area and a patio door.

The 40CBAR is an amazing floor plan for couples. The 40CDL is perfect for families with a large loft that has 3 bunks.

This best destination trailer for full-time living is perfect for being stationary.

  • Top Full Time Feature: bay window and patio door
  • Price: around $90,000
  • Towable Or Drivable: stationary towable
  • Lengths: 40-42′
  • Height: 12′ 10″
  • Fuel Type: none
  • Who It’s Best For: singles, couples, families

Find The Right RV To Meet Your Living Needs Based On Family Size

Let’s look at some great options based on the number of travelers you have living in an RV.

Best RV For Full-Time Living For Two

There are many best RVs for couples since you could go both large or get a small camper for 2 people. Consider a Class A motorhome for comfortable travel days and still enough living space for a couple.

Another best RV for couples full time living is a 5th wheel that has a nice-sized bed and bathroom.

Our best RV for couples pick in a fifth wheel is the Columbus River Ranch. This 5th wheel has the most storage in the industry!

Best RV For Full-Time Living With Family

Some of the best family camping trailers to live in include travel trailers that can be towed with passenger vans for very large families, 5th wheels with bunk rooms, and toy haulers with converted garage bedrooms.

The best RVs for families feature flexible living spaces, larger refrigerators, and plenty of storage space.

A best family RV is the Keystone Alpine 3912DS. This 5th wheel is one of the best campers for families because it features an enormous pantry, 2 bedrooms, and 2 bathrooms.

Best RV For Full-Time Living Single Person

RV living as a single traveler gives you the freedom to go as small or big as you want.

The smaller camper options that give you more choices for places to stay are campervans and Class C RVs.

Singles RV living can even choose to go off the grid in a little overlanding trailer towed by a Jeep.

We love the Airstream Basecamp 20X, which is a best camper for single person full-time that wants to go boondocking.

The Perfect Little Off Road Travel Trailer! 😮

The Best RVs For Luxury Full Time Living

Looking for something a bit more glamping for RV living? The sky is the limit with luxurious motorhomes and even high-end 5th wheels.

DRV Mobile Suites has long made luxury 5th wheels perfect for RV life as a best built RV for full time living. For a luxury motorhome, check out Entegra Coach which is a best RV for couples full-time living.

Now that we have looked at all the styles of RVs let’s dive into specific features in RVs that make RV living easier.

RV Features Great For RV Living

There are so many amazing features in RVs today! You can find just about all the comforts of home in your house on wheels.

Most newer RVs resemble high-end luxury apartments on the go.

So what should you look for in a rig for the full-time RV lifestyle? It really depends on what each family member in your household needs for space.

It’s easy to get caught up in all of the bells and whistles of fancy features, but full-time RVing really is about picking a full-time RVing living space that makes sense for your family’s needs.

Create A List Of Must Haves For RVing Full Time

The best way we have found to not get overwhelmed by all of the RV features is to sit down and list the RVing must haves.

I don’t know about you, but I have shiny object syndrome and always want all the latest and greatest optional features. That is fine, but it can be too much sometimes.

A must have for RVing that may be on your list could be a bunk room for the kids or a generator.

Whatever your list may be, it helps to focus on the big needs first and then look at the optional features.

Possible RV Must Haves To Look For In A Rig for RV Living

Here are some RV features that you may want to consider must haves for the full time RV lifestyle.

Kitchen Space

For the typical RV traveler for weekends and short trips, kitchen space isn’t necessarily very important.

However, when you live in an RV, your kitchen area is just as important as living in a house.

Sure, you may spend a lot of time outside grilling and having campfires, but most of your cooking will still be done in your RV kitchen.

Is a large kitchen important to you? Do you want a kitchen island? How much counter space do you need?

Food Storage

Just like with the RV kitchen space, food storage is much more important for RV living year round.

To keep costs lower, it’s helpful to stock up on groceries when you are near cities versus picking up things at a rural area grocery store.

To have room to stock up at Costco or other discount stores, you need to have enough food storage space for the items.

The best camper to live in often has a pantry or dedicated food storage cabinets.

Also, look at the fridge size and if there is an outdoor kitchen with a second mini fridge for extra cold food storage. Keep reading for more about picking the right RV fridge to live in an RV.

Storage Space

You will have many extra items and clothing with you in the RV for everyday living that requires enough storage space.

Does the RV you are looking at have easy access outside storage for your chairs, grill, tools, and any outdoor equipment?

Is there enough inside storage for your clothes or other items? Our favorite indoor storage area is under the bed, but we also love to have a nice big closet.

When looking at the storage space to choose the best RV to live in, also find out what the cargo-carrying capacity of the RV is.

This weight rating is very important because having too much weight in your RV is unsafe.

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RV state park camping with palm trees - Best RV for the full time RV lifestyle

RV Washing Machine Hookups

Laundry is unfortunately inevitable no matter how or where you live.

Some RVs have built-in hookups to add your own washer and dryer or an all-in-one combo unit. Many Class A RVs already come with a washing machine.

Some RVers are good with using public washers and dryers, while others want to have their own machine for RV living year round.

Decide if this is on your must have list for an RV to live in. We have a Splendide all-in-one washer and dryer that fits in our 5th wheel closet.

I love having the convenience of onboard laundry, but it is heavy and takes up a lot of space.

All Seasons Campers Or Four Seasons RV Package For Insulation

Will you be living fulltime in an RV in winter months at a cold location? If so, it is best to look at all season campers.

What is a four seasons RV? This definition varies a lot by brand, but all seasons campers often have better insulation which is needed for a full time RV living winter.

Some brands also include features like tank heaters or a sealed underbelly in the four seasons package for RVing in winter.

These are all important considerations when looking for an RV for permanent living in a cold-weather location.

Even if you don’t plan to stay in cold weather locations RVing in the winter, you still may want to consider a 4 season RV.

We never plan on winter RVing, but we have had some intense cold snaps, even wintering in Florida, that have made us thankful our RV has these additional features.

Weather can be so unpredictable at times.

We were even down in the Florida Keys when it got cold enough that iguanas were freezing stiff and falling out of trees!

The point is that you just never know what you may encounter living in an RV year round.

Our Solitude is a best RV to live in year round because it has extra insulation, a sealed underbelly, and tank heaters.

It is our goal to be in warm locations to not need these additions, but it is nice to have them.

Seating And Eating Areas

Some RVs have amazing living rooms with high ceilings and plenty of seating.

The living room is often combined with the kitchen area and may be the one place the whole family gathers when you are inside.

Many RVs have options for the living area to include a dinette table or to remove the table and have more couches and seating.

It helps to decide how much seating you require and if a table is needed.

Sleeping Areas For Year Round RV Living 

When you are weekend camping or traveling in your RV for a trip, temporary sleeping arrangements are no big deal.

It works great to fold out a couch or make the dining table into a bed for short trips.

However, when you are living in a RV year round, you want to find sleeping areas that work long-term for yourself and your family.

Consider the sleeping capacity of the RV. Do you need bunk beds or a bunk room for the kids in your best RV for full time family living?

What size bed do you want in the master bedroom? Many RVs have the option for either a queen bed or a king.

If you choose a king bed, see what that does to the floor space in the bedroom and if that works for you.

RV Bathrooms

Decide how many bathrooms you would like to have. Many campers you can live in have 1 1/2 or even 2 full bathrooms.

Is a shower enough, or would you also like a little tub for children? They have so many great RV bathroom options.

RV Slides

One of the best full time RV living features has to be slides. RV slides really increase your living area without changing your towing size.

They make a huge difference in living space. Decide how many slides you would like to have and the location of the slides.

We often think the more slides, the better when looking at RVs to live in but note that it can make it more difficult to fit into some campsites.

However, most often, length is the limiting factor on RV campsite size and not the slides.

Auto Level

For towable RVs, having auto leveling is a game-changer feature to make setting up much faster and easier when you arrive at a new campsite.

Our first RV didn’t have this, but our current one does, and we love it. The auto level is a best RV for full timers feature.

RVs camping on a state park beach in Florida - RV Living

Features To Meet An Off-Grid Camping Style

Do you plan to camp often without hookups or boondock? Then you will want to look at RVs to live in that have features that make off-grid camping easier.

Having the best RV for boondocking can help save you money by being able to take advantage of dispersed camping on public lands, remote areas, free camping overnights in parking lots or Harvest Hosts, and BLM camping spots.

Dry Camping Tank Sizes And Toilets

While it’s always possible to upgrade any RV’s features to be more friendly to boondocking, some RVs are already better equipped to camp this way right from the factory.

Consider a composting toilet or cassette toilet for camping off-grid. Also, look at RV tank size to be able to boondock comfortably for longer.

You want the largest tanks – fresh, black that you can get for dry camping. Toy Haulers often have great tank sizes for boondocking.

Weight And Suspension

Some of the best RVs for boondocking have off-road suspension, off-road tires, and aren’t too heavy.

An overland camper or off-road camper is designed for this purpose and will be more equipped for these adventures.

Keep in mind that motorhomes and other heavy RVs have a greater chance of getting stuck in the mud or sand.

Travel trailer boondocking is often a safer bet due to its lighter weight, but you can get stuck in any RV.

The best travel trailer for boondocking may just be the newer RV brand Ember for off-grid travel trailers. They have upgraded suspension and are loaded with boondocking features.

This brand is new, so they don’t have trailer sizes yet that are big enough for what many people are looking for to live in, but keep your eyes open for new products that this company puts out!

Solar Or Generator Power

If you plan to spend a lot of time boondocking or camping without hookups, then you will definitely want to look at a camper to live in that has a generator or solar power.

Whether you plan to utilize free Bureau Land Management camping or even Walmart overnight parking, you will need a power source.

Parking overnight at Walmart or other free parking areas can sometimes be done from just an RV battery, depending on the unit for one night.

More extended camping stays off the grid will need a better power source.

Class A RVs and toy haulers usually have a built-in generator all ready for you to use. Some toy haulers also have an auxiliary gas tank that can be used for the generator or toys.

It’s also an option to add solar panels or a generator later to any RV.

Propane RV Refrigerator Versus Electric RV Residential Refrigerator

Picking the right RV refrigerator is actually more important to RV living than you may think.

It is essential to have enough food storage to meet your needs and to be able to stock up to save money on groceries. The camper fridge size is important.

It also helps to pick the right RV fridge for the type of camping that you will be doing.

If you plan to stay without electrical hookups, then you will want an RV refrigerator that can run on electricity or propane.

Many new RVs have residential refrigerator sizes that are great for the storage needed in RV living. However, many are only run on electricity.

They also luckily have very large dual camper fridges that run on both. Ours runs on either propane or electricity and is still very close to residential size.

Consider if you will have electricity, a generator, or solar power sources and how often you plan to boondock or go off-grid when picking an RV fridge.

No Perfect RV For Living

We have discovered that when shopping for RVs and after living in an RV for many years, no RV is perfect to live in.

You will find that you love the features of this RV and that RV, but none of them ever feels just right.

The big reason for this is that it’s usually either big enough to have excellent living space but hard to tow, drive, and park, or it’s easy to drive and park but doesn’t have enough living space.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have it all, be able to stay anywhere, and also be easy to drive and park? We can dream!

5th wheel RV with paddleboards - full time RV lifestyle

New Versus Used When Buying An RV To Live In

When looking at RVs to live in, it can be hard to know if buying used is the right way to go or if buying a new RV is better.

Buyers want to get the best RV for the money when going to buy an RV to live in, but that can be easier said than done!

Most people seeking RV living need affordable RVing to make the lifestyle possible. It helps to keep monthly expenses as low as possible to afford RV living.

In our situation, we used the proceeds from selling our home to buy our truck and 5th wheel debt free.

Avoid Becoming RV Poor

It’s possible to become RV poor in the same way that people become house poor.

If there isn’t enough money to enjoy your travels after making an RV payment, then you may have defeated the whole point of RV living!

Best Value RV

Consider getting the best value RV that meets your needs but doesn’t break the bank. This is true for both new and used RVs.

We didn’t launch into RV living in our dream RV, but we were able to launch, which is the important part.

The RV is just the vehicle to get you to the travels and the adventures.

It isn’t the main reason for doing this for most people. However, it is your home during this time, so it helps to find a balance here.

Used Campers Pros And Cons

Many people who have RVed for a long time claim that the best quality RV was made a while back.

There is also a new claim that there are more quality issues post-pandemic than in RVs made before 2000.

RV Maintenance

While I can’t verify either of these claims, I can honestly tell you that, new or used, ALL RVs have problems.

RV maintenance and repairs are a huge part of this lifestyle. Even expensive brand-new RVs are not immune to these issues.

One benefit of buying a used RV is that the original owner bears most of the initial depreciation from the purchase.

This can be a significant cost saving for you when looking for a full time living rv for sale

There are also many used camper trailers for sale or cheap campers for sale on websites like Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace.

Although cheap campers are easy to find, that doesn’t mean they are quality. The best affordable RVs to live in aren’t just cheap to buy, but they don’t require many expensive repairs to get on the road.

RV Inspection

Consider having an RV inspector or a mechanic check out the RV before you purchase it.

You can also make sure the price you are paying is what the RV is worth or less by looking at the NADA RV Guide.

The big drawbacks of buying used are not knowing how well the RV was maintained and not having a manufacturer warranty.

New RVs Pros And Cons

RV Warranty

The biggest pro of purchasing a new RV is getting the manufacturer’s warranty. You can also add on an RV extended warranty which can be helpful to keep repair expenses from draining your travel adventure fund. With a new camper, you also don’t have to worry about how well a used camper was maintained. Bad maintenance on RVs can lead to roof leaks, mold, and sidewall delamination, so good maintenance can’t be stressed enough to keep an RV in good usable condition.

RV Depreciation

The cons of buying an RV new are the higher price, taking a large initial depreciation hit in value, and still having things break. New doesn’t always equal better quality. Things will break even on brand-new RVs.

Our Experience Buying 2 New Fifth Wheels To Live In

During our 8 years on the road so far, we have lived in two new fifth wheel RVs. We chose to buy new for the manufacturer warranty and have also added an extended warranty on both. Both of our 5th wheels have had some issues, and the extended warranty has gotten enough use to cover its purchase price in our case. If you decide to get an extended warranty, we recommend getting one that covers mobile repair if you will be living in an RV. It’s too big of an inconvenience when you RV full-time to take your home on wheels in for repairs. Plus, if it takes a while, you could be without a place to stay. Xtraride is the warranty company we have used on both of our rigs, and we have been pleased with the service.

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RV with palm trees and sunset - best RV to live in

Check RV Reviews To Find The Best RV For Full Time

One of the smartest ways to find the best RV brands and best RVs before you begin shopping is to check RV reviews.

You can look at reviews from consumers and experts online.


For a printed or ebook comparison guide, check out RVReviews.net.

They offer a Motorhome Comparison Guide, Travel Trailer and Fifth Wheel Comparison Guide, and a Lightweight Travel Trailer Comparison Guide.

This research firm publishes independent data and has been around for 20 years.

They also have other books that can be valuable resources, such as How To Buy An RV And Save, The Ultimate Pre-Purchase Inspection Guide, RV Extended Warranties, and Top 100 RV Dealers.


You can also check customer reviews from websites like RV Insider.

It’s amazing what you can discover about RV brand quality, customer service, warranties, and even dealerships from these valuable RV reviews.

RV Forums and RV Facebook Groups

Did you know that there are RV forums and Facebook groups dedicated to specific brands?

They are packed full of reviews as well as helpful troubleshooting issues to help you see what common problems are encountered with a brand.

One of our favorite RV forums is IRV2. They have general RV forums, forums by RV type, and brand-specific forums.

RVForums.com is another helpful spot to do some research before picking the best full time RV.

Facebook can also be a helpful tool for RV reviews and RV brand research.

Search for groups for the brand or even the specific model that you are looking at.

We were a part of many Grand Design groups before we decided to purchase our 5th wheel camper.

They not only have Grand Design groups but even a Solitude group which is our specific model.

These groups gave us a lot of helpful insight into brand customer service and common issues seen.

Best RV Brand For Full Time Living

There is no one definitive brand that is the best full time RV living manufacturer.

However, some brands or models are rated for full time living RVs. You want to look for an RV that specifically is rated for living in so it will hold up better over time.

Recently we noticed many RV brands that have begun to add this to all of their existing models without making any noticeable changes to them.

This is a little bit sketchy in our opinion, and another great reason to do further research when looking for a best RV for full time RVing.

Some 5th wheel brands rated for RV living are Alliance Paradigm, Grand Design Solitude, Brinkley, Redwood, Vanleigh, and DRV.

These best fulltime RV brands have been rated for RV living and haven’t recently been added to this designation. Many motorhomes are also rated for RV living.

Secret Hack To Find The Best Full Time Living RV Is Renting An RV

Consider an RV rental to try it out before you buy it! This can be both a great way to try out a style of RV or a specific RV that you may want to buy.

One idea is to rent a monthly campsite near your home and rent an RV to do a trial month of RV living.

This can give you a little taste of the RV lifestyle to see if it may work for you.

It can also help you to know if this style of RV or specific RV is really going to be a best type of RV for full time living.

It’s easier than ever now to rent an RV. Companies like Outdoorsy offer RV rentals of just about any RV brand or style available.

This is because individual RV owners can now offer RVs rental to a customer through this website.

This gives the customer the option of renting just about any RV on the market today. The selection is better than it has ever been before. 

Camper rental is a great opportunity for prospective RV buyers to try things out best campers to live in to make a more confident buying decision.

Check Out Nearby RV Rentals HERE With Outdoorsy!

RV in state park campground with palm tree

Expert Tips For RV Living

Get A Full-Time RV Insurance Policy

Never make the mistake of skimping on RV insurance. You need to have a policy specific to full time RV living to be properly covered.

Companies like Progressive and Geico offer full time RV policies.

Avoid RV Living Full-Time Burn Out

RV living burnout is a real thing when you travel full time. The best way to avoid it is to travel slower and schedule time for daily living and rest into each stop.

The full time RV lifestyle is not always like a vacation. You need time to rest, pay bills, do laundry, grocery shop, and for other daily living tasks.

Pack Your Patience For Camper Life

It helps to see both the good parts and the challenging parts of RV living as all part of your adventure.

RVs break, plans have to change, and people get sick or need a break. It’s not always smooth sailing in the RV lifestyle, and it helps to view all of it as part of your journey.

Have A Plan For Campground Reservations

It can be difficult to get campground reservations in state parks, national parks, and private campgrounds in peak season locations.

Be sure to grab my FREE Reservation Guide to learn all of our tips and tricks to get even sold-out campsites.

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FAQs Best RV For Full Time Living

What RV is best for full time living?

There is no one kind of RV that is best for full time living. Any RV that meets your living space needs, fits where you want to stay, and that you can afford is the perfect one for RV living. It’s less about the RV and more about getting out there!

What is the best 5th wheel RV for full time living?

The Grand Design Solitude is a best 5th wheel RV for full time living. It is rated for living in and is full of features that make RV living easier, like auto-leveling, lots of storage, a huge pantry, upgraded suspension, and a 4 seasons insulation package.

What type of RV is best for full time living?

The most popular types of RVs best for full time living include fifth wheel RVs and Class A motorhomes. Fifth wheels offer large living and sleeping spaces with loads of storage. Class A motorhomes offer comfortable travel days and easy setup up and pack up.

What is the best RV for full time living?

The best RV for full time living is one that fits in the locations where you want to stay, has features that make daily living easier, works with your budget, and has daily living space to meet your needs. Many people choose best 5th wheels for full time living for their many floor plan options and spacious living areas.

What is a good budget for full time RV living?

A good budget for full time RV living ranges from 2,000 to 6,800 per month. Your RV living budget depends on the types of places where you want to stay and how often you want to travel. It is cheaper to stay longer in each spot and to boondock.

What is the best state for full time RV living?

The best state for full time RV living is Florida. The weather makes RVing great year round and many RV living choose Florida for domicile. Florida is one of the best states because its full of great camping areas and has plenty of services for full time living campers.

What is the best RV for temporary living?

The best RV for temporary living or the best camper to live in while building a house is the least expensive option you can find since this is a short term situation. If you are staying stationary, then it opens even more options for good RVs to live in. Consider trying to borrow or even rent an RV versus purchasing one.

What is the best RV for working remotely?

The best RV for working remotely has a separate space with a door that you can close or at a minimum a desk or table. A mid-bunk fifth wheel RV is a great option with a door. Converting a toy hauler garage into an office or business supply space is another versatile option.

What are the best RV brands to live in?

The best RV brands to live in have models that are specifically rated for full time use. Some examples are Brinkley, Grand Design, Alliance, Redwood, DRV, Luxe, and many motorhomes such as Entegra.

What is the best RV for winter living?

The best RVs for winter living are four season RVs. A best camper to live in year round has enhanced insulation, enclosed underbellies, and heated water tanks. With the proper supplies, you can live in any RV in the winter but it can be a challenge to avoid frozen pipes, condensation, and frozen RV tanks. 

What is the best 4 season travel trailer for full-time living?

The best 4 season travel trailer for full-time living is one that is rated for full time use and has four season insulation. A great option is Brinkley’s new travel trailer line Model Z Air. The models are rated for full-time use and have features commonly found mainly in fifth wheels like covered underbelly with heated tanks.

What Will Your Best RV For Full Time Living Be?

I hope you have a clearer idea now about how to find your perfect RV to live in. No RVs are perfect, but the best RV for fulltime living is a vehicle that can take you on an amazing life adventure. We hope to see you around the campfire someday!

Scott and Van Russell
Scott and Van Russell

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Something that makes us different is our unfiltered approach. We choose to share both the benefits and the challenges of traveling and the full-time RVing lifestyle.

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