Arvie Is The Campsite Cancellations Finder You Have Been Waiting For!

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Arvie Is A Campground Booking Tool That Finds Campsite Cancellations

Frustrated by how hard it is to get popular campground reservations? You are in the right article! Our family has been full-time RV living for over 8 years, and we know this struggle well. There is finally a new campsite availability checker and campsite cancellations finder we have been using that solves this problem called Arvie!

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RV state park camping on the ocean - Arvie camping cancellations

Why Is It So Hard For Campers To Get Top State And National Park Reservations?

Camping in national parks and national park visitation exploded in popularity a few years ago.

It was gaining popularity before the pandemic, but this event really changed the way people travel and enjoy recreation.

Our family launched into the full-time RV lifestyle back in 2015.

Every year since we have been on the road, it has become harder to land top camping reservations in state parks and national parks.

Post-pandemic, more people than ever have been enjoying the outdoors with camping, state park visits, and national park exploring.

We love seeing more people out enjoying nature, but it has also become more challenging to get the best campsite.

There is simply a higher demand right now than places to go camping. 

Arvie finds campsite cancellations and books them for you!😮

Why Are State And National Park Campsites So Popular? 

Every type of camping sites have become crowded but especially state park campgrounds and national parks camping. Why is this camping style extra popular?

Nature Activities Included

Camping at national parks and state park camping puts travelers right in the middle of the action when it comes to nature activities.

From campground ranger-led programs to park activities like hiking, biking, paddling, climbing, and Junior Ranger programs, camping in national park campgrounds keeps you close to the action.

Natural Campsites

One of the biggest benefits of camping in state parks and nps campgrounds is the spacious campsites.

Many camping in a national park find the campsites are private and have a great view of natural surroundings.

Cheaper Campsites To Save Money Camping

Camping national parks or state park camp is often much less expensive than camping in privately owned campgrounds or in RV resorts.

Plus, by camping where there are so many included nature activities, it’s also easy to save money on things to do during your trip.

It’s easy to see why so many campers pick state parks and national parks camping for their prospective camping site.

Or at least campers are booking a campsite IF they can get a spot. It’s a challenge. Keep reading to learn about a tool we use to get these sold-out camping reservations!

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Man and girl RV camping on the ocean at a Florida State Park

It Can Be Hard And Frustrating To Get A Campsite Even If You Plan Far In Advance 

Campground Reservation Window

Before now, if you wanted to get tough-to-book national park campsite reservations, you would need to fight for the spot right at the beginning of the national park reservation system booking window.

Even if you logged onto the reservation website and tried to get the camping reservations the second they became available, it can still be very hard to get national park reservations and state park reservations.

This is also assuming you know exactly where you want to camp as far in advance as a year to be able to try for state park RV camping or national park campgrounds.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t always know where we are going to be or where we want to stay that far in advance. It can be a challenge to plan so far ahead.

Campsite Cancellations

The other option until now was to use a campsite cancellations or camping cancellations notification service to try to find and snag a canceled campsite.

The problem with the campsite search engines that find cancellations is that you still have to be extremely fast to be able to book the campsite.

If the campsite cancellation notification goes off for your desired campsite and you aren’t on your phone, or if it goes off overnight, someone else often snaps it up in seconds.

Even last-minute camping reservations cancellation notifications are often still snapped up in seconds.

We have used camping websites to find campground cancellations over the years and have had success, but many times I am not fast enough or not on my phone when the notification goes off.

Or the campsite reservations notification goes off early in the morning before I am up.

We aren’t exactly early birds around here! Sometimes they also go off late at night after we go to bed.

The more popular the camping cancellations notification services have become, the harder it has become to be able to book campsites from those notifications as well.

Trying to get these top camping spots can be extremely frustrating at times. The great news is that there is a new campground reservations tool to solve this issue!

What is Arvie?

Why are we so excited to share this new camping booking tool with you?

It is shaking up the camping scene by helping campers find top campsites that are normally sold out or impossible to reserve and making them available for you.

Arvie is an online campsite search and booking tool that greatly simplifies the process of reserving a campground.

It actually serves as many great resources in one, but I want to start with what makes this service a must-have for our RV travels.

RVs Camping On A State Park Beach

Who Created Arvie And Why?

Mark Peterson is a camper who, just like us, was frustrated with how hard it is to get camping reservations.

He sought to create the first-ever centralized camping booking software for his camping customers.

This subscription-based search engine is a new solution to search for and book campgrounds all in one place and with one click.

The system makes searches easy and allows the camping customer also to receive and auto-book campsite cancellations. 

Arvie Is A Game Changer To Help Campers Grab The Best Sites – Unlike Any Other Campground Booking Tool!

ARVIE doesn’t just notify campers of canceled campsite reservations, but it actually BOOKS them for you!!!

That’s right! No more setting campsite cancellation notifications and then dropping everything each time a notification goes off.

That was both frustrating and stressful. Plus, we often missed out on getting the campsite.

Now you can use Arvie to set up sold-out searches and then also have it auto-book campsites for you.

This is a set-it-and-forget-it convenience that most campers have been waiting a long time for!

Get your Arvie FREE TRIAL HERE + 10% off to check it out for yourself!

What Are The Unique Benefits Of Using Arvie?

Now you know why we use Arvie to find and book campsite cancellations effortlessly. What else can you use Arvie for?

1) Real-Time Campsite Availability Checker

Arvie is a subscription service that makes booking campsites much faster and easier.

It combines 10 different campground booking sites to search over 5,000 campgrounds and growing.

Almost every state park campground, national park campground, and some privately owned campgrounds are included in this campsite search engine to make it faster to find a campsite.

Some of the camping online search engines currently included in Arvie are Recreation Gov, Reserve America, KOA, Florida State Parks, and other state park websites.

You can choose to search for campgrounds using your current location or to find a campsite in a specific area. Then a map is shown with campsites in your search area.

You can choose to check for last-minute campsites by using the Camp Nearby Tonight search option. You can also search for reservations far in advance.

If your search shows the campground is available for your desired dates, then you can book it in one click.

If the campsite is unavailable for your desired dates, you can get Text Cancellation Notifications or set up Auto-Booking if the campsite becomes available.

Screenshot of Arvie campground booking tool

2) Arvie Is A One-Click Booking Camping Site Reservation Tool

To begin using Arvie, you will complete a profile that includes information about your camping party size, if you have pets, and the size and type of your RV or camping unit.

Once you have built your Arvie profile, each time you search for camping, you can compare campgrounds and enjoy quick one-click booking to reserve.

This simplifies the reservation process versus having different accounts for each individual reservation system.

Use Campground Discount Programs

Have campground discount programs such as Good Sam, KOA, or a AAA Membership?

You can still use your discount programs when reserving campsites using Arvie. Just enter your program member info into your Arvie profile.

Camping discounts will also be applied for the auto-book service on sold-out campground searches.

The ability to save time and still use membership discounts makes Arvie one of the best camping websites.

No Booking Fees

Not only can you still use your campground membership discounts on campground reservations in Arvie, but there are no booking fees.

When you use Arvie to book a campsite, you pay the exact same for the campsite as if you would have booked it directly from the campground website.

Get your Arvie FREE TRIAL HERE + 10% off to check it out for yourself!

Screenshot of Arvie Campground booking tool

3) Set Up A Sold Out Campsite Search Using Arvie

Is your desired campground or campsite sold-out? This is where Arvie really shines as a must-have tool for campers.

If the campground is booked during your desired travel dates, you can use your Arvie profile to set up a sold-out search.

There are 2 options for setting up a sold-out campground search on Arvie. When you set up the search, you can choose which option works best for your needs.

Text Cancellations Notification

The first option for setting up a sold-out search is to receive a text cancellations notification if your campsite becomes available.

This option would let you know that the site is open and allow you to book it yourself using the one-click booking in Arvie or on the campground website yourself.

Auto-Book Your Next Adventure

The second option, and the one that makes Arvie such a must-have camping tool, is the auto-book feature for campground cancellations.

When you set up a sold-out search using the auto-book feature, Arvie automatically books the campsite for you as soon as the campground becomes available.

When using Arvie to auto-book a campground cancellation, the campground discount programs entered into your profile are applied, and there are no booking fees.

We love this auto-book feature, and this is why we are so excited to share this with you. This one feature makes the subscription worth it!

Now you don’t need to be glued to your phone or have fast fingers to be able to snag the cancellation reservation. Yes, please!

Ready to try Arvie FREE for 14 days and then get 10% off after that? Get your FREE TRIAL HERE to check it out for yourself!

Screenshot of Arvie campsite cancellations notifications

What Does Arvie Cost?

Following the free 2 week trial, Arvie is a monthly subscription service.

Arvie Pro

The Arvie Pro subscription costs $19.95 per month. Save 10% more by signing up through this blog post.

You can cancel the service anytime you want. There is no commitment with the Pro Plan.

With the Pro Plan you have unlimited real-time campground availability searches. You also have one-click instant booking for campgrounds with openings during your dates.

When campgrounds have no openings, you can set up 5 sold-out searches at a time with the ability to choose the auto-book feature or text cancellations.

See our trick below for setting up consecutive sold-out search dates on Arvie!

Get your Arvie FREE TRIAL HERE + 10% off to check it out for yourself!

Man and girl RV camping on the ocean at state park - Arvie camping cancellations

Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Arvie

One trick we use to increase our chances of getting the campsite cancellation reservation is to use our 5 sold-out searches consecutively.

For example, if you want to camp on the ocean in Florida for 7 days at Bahia Honda State Park in the Keys during Christmas break, you can use your 5 Pro Plan sold-out searches on consecutive start dates.

You can set up searches for 12/19-12/26, 12/20-12/27, 12/21-12/28, 12/22-12/29, and 12/23-12/30.

Pretty slick, huh? I hope you are getting a better idea of how much this tool can help to snag these tough-to-book campsites!

What Is The Success Rate For Booking Campsite Cancellations With Arvie?

Arvie’s success rate is 92% in booking a campsite cancellation for the upcoming weekend if there are three or more simultaneous sold-out searches!

We Have Scored Two Impossible State Park Camping Reservations Using Arvie

So far using Arvie, we have gotten our favorite but impossible-to-book oceanfront Florida State Park campground, not once but twice!

Both times we scored reservations longer than a week in this top state park for camping. We are hooked!

Get your Arvie FREE TRIAL HERE + 10% off to check it out for yourself!

Sunset in the Florida Keys - Arvie campground booking

How Do You Cancel Or Change Campground Reservations Made With Arvie?

When you use Arvie to make a campground reservation, Arvie books it through the campground website on your behalf with no additional booking fees.

If you need to cancel your campground reservation, contact the campground directly to cancel the booking if possible, or contact [email protected] for cancellation.

Every campground has its own campsite cancellation policy. Check the specific campground to find out what their cancellation policy is before booking it using Arvie.

Your reservation is subject to any campground policies, and this is separate from Arvie.

Important Note About Changing Or Cancelling Reservations Made With Arvie’s Auto-Book Feature

Arvie’s reservation agent books the campsite reservation on your behalf, and you are the occupant on the reservation.

Some campgrounds allow the occupant to change the reservation; otherwise, you can use Arvie’s customer service [email protected] to change or cancel the reservation.

It’s always best to avoid last-minute changes or cancellations, so you have time to contact either the campground or Arvie’s customer service to make the changes. 

We recently needed to cancel an Arvie reservation and it was no big deal. We simply let them known and they cancelled it for us.

To have complete control over the Arvie booking reservation, be sure to fill out the booking platform credentials under your Arvie account. 

If you can’t make a reservation, please always cancel as soon as possible so other campers can have a chance at your campsite.

Ghost campers refer to campsite no-shows. Everyone loses when campsites sit empty at these highly sought-after campgrounds.

Plus, you will, of course, want to cancel to get your money back versus becoming a no-show.

Get your Arvie FREE TRIAL HERE + 10% off to check it out for yourself!

RV Camping On The Ocean In Florida Keys

How Is Arvie Different From A Camping Reservation Bot?

There have long been rumors that campground reservation bots are responsible for taking the campsite inventory of the best state and national parks.

What Are Campground Reservation Bots?

Camping reservation bots are rumored to reserve large volumes of campsites and sell the reservations for a higher price.

It is hard to verify the existence of a campground reservation bot or how they work, but state parks like the Florida State Park system have admitted to working to block a campsite bot. 

Arvie Is Not A Reservation Bot!

Arvie is a campground booking tool that books a single campsite for a single user. The price charged is the exact price of the campsite with no booking fees.

It is not the same as a campsite reservation bot. 

I like to think of Arvie in the campground world as Booking or Expedia is to hotels. Arvie camping reviews have been positive.

Think of this service as the same as an online travel agent for camping.

Our Arvie review is that this service is a game changer. It can give you a fair advantage to get reservations.


FAQs Arvie Campsite Availability Checker And Campground Booking Tool

What is Arvie?

Arvie is an online subscription campground cancellation booking service and camping search engine website. With Arvie, you can check the availability of campsites, book with one click, and set up sold-out campground searches with auto-book. There is no Arvie app.

How Do I Cancel My Arvie Subscription?

Here’s how to cancel Arvie membership. You can cancel an Arvie subscription by contacting customer service at [email protected]. We have never found any Arvie complaints, but if for some reason you don’t love the service, you can cancel anytime.

Is Arvie Worth It?

Arvie is worth it alone for the campground sold-out search and auto-book service. Arvie doesn’t just serve as a campground search engine and campground cancellation app or website, but Arvie also books the reservation for you. This is a game changer for tough-to-book campsites. The Arvie Pro Membership also simplifies campground reservations with one-click booking. 

Why is it so hard to find campsites?

It’s so hard to find campsites due to the increased popularity of camping and outdoor recreation. State parks and national park campsites put the camper right where the action is for outdoor activities and beautiful scenery. Those can be the toughest campsites to get.

Are people using bots to reserve campsites?

Many state park reservation systems have taken steps to reduce bots from purchasing and reselling campground cancellations for a higher price. Arvie gives you the best chance to beat the bots and get the reservation. Arvie books campsites in a similar way that a hotel search site books a hotel. It is not a bot or campsite reseller.

Do you need to book campsites?

You need to book campsites as far in advance as possible to make sure to get the camping location you want. Camping has increased in popularity in recent years, and many popular campsites are sold out even as far as a year in advance in some areas.

Is there an Arvie camping app?

No, there is not yet an Arvie camping app. You can search for campsites and set up a sold-out campsite search all on the website

How much does Arvie cost? How much is Arvie membership?

Arvie costs $19.95 per month for the Arvie Pro Membership. You can cancel the membership anytime. This cost includes unlimited campground availability searches with one-click booking. It also includes 5 sold-out searches to find and book cancelled campsites.

Is there an Arvie promo code?

Yes, use the Arvie promo code ADVENTURE10 to save 10% off your Arvie Pro Membership! Find cancelled campsites today.

Is there an alternative campsite cancellation app to Arvie?

Before finding Arvie, we used to use Wandering Labs as a cancellation campsite finder or cancellation campground finder. While this tool is a great camping finder for site cancellations, it’s almost impossible to be fast enough to book the campsites. It notifies you of the site cancellation, but unlike Arvie, it doesn’t book it for you. Arvie does it all for you! This isn’t like any other RV campground search engine.

Are You Excited To Try Arvie As A Campsite Availablity Checker And Campsite Cancellations Finder?

We would love to see more of you snagging these top campsites in state and national park campgrounds. Arvie can be a helpful tool to give you the best shot at these sites. For other tips and tricks we use to get the best campground reservations, grab our FREE GUIDE, where we spill all of our reservation secrets!

Get your Arvie FREE TRIAL HERE + 10% off to check it out for yourself!

RV state park camping on the beach - campsite availability checker Arvie
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