Wondering Where To Go For Your Next RV Destination?

There are so many incredible US RV travel destinations. What is the best way to decide where to go on your next RV trip or RV vacation?

When you can travel anywhere in your RV, the freedom can almost feel a little overwhelming.

When RV trip planning, first decide if you want to stay within one general area for the trip or visit many different locations on an RV road trip.

A huge part of planning RV traveling is how much time you have for the RV trip. Do you envision having lots of time to explore one area with time to relax at your campsite?

Or would you like to see as many places as possible while RVing in the USA?

Read on to learn more tips for planning RV road trip trips! 

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Set An RV Travel Goal To Help Plan Your RV Trips

Specific Travel Interests

The easiest way to plan RV trips is to create a travel goal. Many people create an RV travel plan based on their interests.

Common interests that RV travelers plan trips around include national parks travel, hiking or outdoor adventure locations, top golf courses, amusement parks, festivals/seasonal events, baseball parks/stadiums, visiting all 50 states, or seeing friends and family across the country.

Our family’s full-time RV travel goal was to explore all of the major national parks and visit every US state.

We still have a bit of ground to cover to reach this goal, but it gives us a clear idea of how to plan our travels.

Chasing Perfect Weather

Some RV Travelers are a little less concerned about the specific destination and are instead focused on planning the best RV trips across America to have fantastic weather.

RV traveling around the weather can be a great way to see the country while also having the perfect temps to enjoy outdoor activities.

RVers love to chase 70 degrees, and that often means that those winter RV trips qualify these travelers as snowbirds.

After enjoying all of the amazing fall festivals and beautiful national park fall foliage, many RVers end up hitting the southern states for winter RV travel destinations.

While summer RV travel in the northern states is the best way to avoid the extreme heat and humidity of the south.

For those RV travelers that like to avoid crowds, consider traveling to off-season locations instead. National park crowds are especially low and peaceful in the winter.

A huge bonus of visiting a national park in the off-season is that you won’t need as much advance planning to get timed-permits or a national park entrance reservation to visit. Many times you will have campgrounds and attractions all to yourself!

Man And Girl In Yosemite Valley Tips Living In An RV Full Time

RV Travel By Budget

Other RV travelers plan trips and travel based on camping memberships or the cost of campgrounds.

There is always something unique to see on the road, and these travelers often plan activities around the campgrounds that are within budget.

Great budget options for planning RV camping include campground memberships (Thousand Trails, RPI), RV camping discount cards (Passport America, Good Sam), county or city park campgrounds, state park campgrounds, and national park campgrounds.

Boondocking or dry camping is a free camping option, and some RVers plan RV trips around knock-your-socks-off boondocking locations.

There is a budget camping option for every RV camping style.

Best RV Road Trips By State

There are incredible RV camping destinations in every state.

Many travelers plan RV trips across America to see top RV destinations, including Florida, Maine, Alaska, Wyoming, Utah, California, Oregon, Washington, Michigan, Tennessee, New York, Arizona, Texas, Vermont, and New Hampshire.

We love to travel and have found there is something special to see and do in every state, but those states are particularly popular for RV travel.

So far, our favorite summer RV top places to see in the US are Maine, specifically Acadia National Park, and the coast of Oregon. Our favorite winter RV destination is Florida.

How Close Are We To Reaching Our RV Travel Goals?

Our family has been full-time RV living and traveling for 7 years. We have made it to 42 states and 37 major national parks so far.

We still have a bit to go to visit all of the major national parks, but we will get there.

Daily living sometimes gets in the way of travel plans when you are RV living. Despite what many travelers may think, RV living isn’t always like a vacation.

For example, we have planned Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks 3 times and still haven’t made it.

Flexibility is a massive part of RVing because RV travel problems such as medical needs and RV mechanical breakdowns will still happen along the journey.

It helps to treat both the good times and the bad as all part of the full-time RV travel adventure!

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FAQ RV Travel Destinations

What is the best RV road trip?

The best RV road trip is from Yosemite National Park in California to Astoria, Oregon. This trip takes you through many of the best western national parks, including Yosemite, Sequoia, Lassen, and Crater Lake. Then head west over to Oregon’s beautiful rocky coast to finish the RV road trip.

Where should my first RV trip be?

On your first RV trip, it is a great idea to visit a travel location near your home. This provides the chance to get more familiar with your RV and work any bugs out before traveling farther distances. 

What is the most RV friendly state?

All of the US lower 48 states are RV friendly however the most RV friendly state is Florida. Since Florida has so many RV travelers year-round, there are an abundance of campgrounds, RV dealerships, RV supply stores, and RV repair facilities.

What is the best RV trip?

The best RV trip is to southern Utah. With five national parks and many incredible state parks in the southern half of the state, you will never run out of incredible things to see and do. There are also many camping options, including private campgrounds, BLM land, state and national park campgrounds, and many boondocking locations for dry camping.

What is the nicest RV park in the United States?

The nicest RV park in the United States is Bluewater Key RV Resort. This ocean-side resort in Key West, Florida, takes glamping to a whole new level. Most campsites have private waterfront cabanas with outdoor kitchens, TVs, grills, refrigerators, patio furniture, and a private dock.

So, where will you travel next in your RV? Enjoy your Adventure Detour!

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