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Welcome to The Adventure Detour! We are so glad you are here. Our goal is to guide you to unique US travel destinations, help you navigate full time RV living, and share RV travel tips and tricks.

Why Are We Different?

Something that makes us different is our unfiltered approach. We choose to share both the benefits of travel and the drawbacks.

Our family of 3 made the decision to turn our love of travel into living in an RV full time. In 2015, we sold our house, cars, and most of what we owned to try RV life in search of adventures and more time together.

Why Are We Here?

When we were researching the full time RV lifestyle, we struggled to find transparent resources. We wanted to know both the benefits AND the challenges of RV living full time to know if it was a good fit for our family. We created this website as a transparent travel and RV living resource that we wish we would have had back then.

Why Take Our Outdoor Travel Advice?

After full-time RV living 8 years across 42 states, we want to share what we have learned to inspire you to live your travel dream! As RV travel experts, we promise to share the amazing parts, the daily living, and the challenges of living on the road to support you in your journey.

We also strive to share not only amazing travel destinations but also raw and real travel advice. We are transparent about the pros and cons of places, how to avoid crowds, and which places you may want to skip altogether!

Who Are We?

So who are we? We are Scott, Van, and Sissy. We had a regular Midwest suburb life before hitting the road but we never felt like we had enough time together and wanted to travel more as a family. Now we are digital nomads and roadschooling.

We had an initial full-time travel goal of 2 years and wanted to see as many national parks and states as we could see. After 2 years passed, we just kept on traveling and here we are now at 8 years of RVing full-time, 42 states, and 37 national parks visited so far.

Scott loves off-beat travel locations and photography. He is our family small space chef, RV driver, and all things RV maintenance. He works on the road as a freelance travel writer, RV technical writer, photographer, and social media content creator for outdoor brands and tourism boards.

Sissy collects National Park Junior Ranger badges and has over 100 so far. Her passions are hiking, reading, and sewing. She has hiked her way through all 42 states we have visited. She does roadschooling as we travel, which for our family is a mix of curriculum and experience-based learning from our travels.

Van loves anything to do with national parks and is travel obsessed. She is our family travel planner, roadschool teacher, and RV camping reservations ninja.

Free Camping And RV Travel Reservation Guide

Van shares her best campground reservation tips and tricks on how to grab hard-to-book RV reservations (even sold-out state park and national park campgrounds) in a FREE GUIDE: How To Score Sold-Out Campsites In State and National Parks.

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