How To Find Life Balance RV Living Full-Time

RVing full-time is an exciting adventure! It can also be a challenge sometimes to balance daily living with travel. After 6 years of RV living full-time, we have found a few tricks to share with you to balance life on the road.

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RV With Rainbow How To Find Life Balance RV Living Full Time

When you think of RVing full-time do you think of new daily adventures followed by a campfire each night? I admit that when planning RV living, we envisioned a lifestyle similar to living on vacation.

The reality is that some days look like a vacation, while other days are filled with the tasks of daily living. Just because we are traveling and living on the road, doesn’t mean there isn’t quite a bit of work involved to make it all happen.

To keep the show on the road we still need to pay bills, grocery shop, plan and reserve trips, perform camper and truck maintenance, medical appointments, laundry, homeschool, work, and of course rest. We can’t just go go go every day and still get everything done.

A trap that many RVers fall into when they first begin full-time travel, is to travel too far too fast. The beginning is so exciting that it is more like a sprint to see as much as possible than a sustainable lifestyle.

We made this mistake our first year and quickly began to burn out. What we didn’t know in the beginning was that we needed to find life balance while traveling. 

Girl Camping Playing Ukulele How To Find Life Balance RV Living Full Time

The Secret To Finding Life Balance Full-Time RV Living

What would RV living look like if you scheduled time for daily living with as much focus as you do route planning, campground reservations, and sightseeing? Versus trying to squeeze daily living into any open moment in your travel schedule?

For us, scheduling both time for travel and time for daily living is key to staying happy campers. It allows us to really focus on our activities and destinations, instead of racing from one spot to the next feeling exhausted and trying to squeeze it all in.

Let me be real here. Life balance is always a work in progress!

We have to constantly adjust our schedules to meet our current needs. It is never truly a perfect balance, and that is completely okay.

The secret to life balance RVing full-time is to schedule in daily living with each travel stop.

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4 Life Balance Tips For Living In An RV Full-Time

1. It’s okay to slow down. Consider traveling slower and staying longer at each stop.

2. Schedule both travel time and life time. Have weeks when you really focus on sightseeing and then have weeks where you rest, play, catch up on work/school, rig maintenance, receive packages, etc.

3. Adjust your schedule when needed. Life happens unexpectedly. Illness, mechanical breakdowns, weather issues, etc.

4. Take the time to really appreciate each stop while you are there. It is easy to fall into the what’s next trap, but this can rob you of today.

Girl Reading Books In RV How To Find Life Balance RV Living Full Time

Specific Ways We Are Currently Balancing Full Time RV Life

I will be honest, it has taken us years on the road before we started to really work on life balance.

As much as we loved traveling, we didn’t enjoy it fully because we were exhausted and felt like we were sprinting from stop to stop.

We started to focus on how we could better balance traveling with daily living. This will always be a work in progress, but here is what is working for us right now.

 Our Family’s Travel/Life Balance Plan:

1. We schedule travel/sightseeing weeks and rest/daily life weeks.

 Travel Weeks:

  • often pay to stay in a state park or scenic area/campground ($)
  • focus on camping, outdoor time, sightseeing, nature activities, almost like vacation time

 Rest Weeks:

  • stay in included membership campgrounds (no extra cost)
  • focus on rest, getting mail/packages, work/school, running errands, stocking groceries and supplies, rig maintenance

2. We use winter as our slower travel season.

  • winter is usually spent traveling shorter distances within one southern state
  • winter season is even more for catching up on life and we usually feel refreshed and excited to travel farther in the spring
Campground With Rainbow How To Find Life Balance RV Living Full Time

Connecting With Other RVers

A bonus tip to help maintain life balance out on the road is to connect with other full-time RVers. We all share similar challenges in this lifestyle and it really helps to have a community to share experiences with.

Easy ways to connect with other RVers is to participate in campground activities, strike up a conversation while out walking or at the pool, ask someone over for a campfire, connect on social media with other RVers, or even join an RV club that sponsors social meet ups and rallies. Check out Escapees RV Club or even your RV manufacturer for rally info.

I hope these ideas help you remain a happy camper on your RV adventures. What has helped you keep life balance? Hit, REPLY and let me know!

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RV In A Campsite How To Find Life Balance RV Living Full Time
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Scott and Van Russell

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