7 Reasons Santa’s Village Jefferson New Hampshire Is The Best Christmas Theme Parks

Are you looking to visit fun younger child Christmas theme parks? One that’s not too big and overwhelming, but full of fun for the whole family? You have to check out Santa’s Village Jefferson New Hampshire!

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Ferris Wheel At Santa's Village Jefferson New Hampshire Christmas Theme Parks

We have all been there before. Loading up the family for a fun day together at amusement parks or even Christmas theme parks.

Then you arrive in a parking situation so large and crazy that you are exhausted by the time we even reach the gate!

Add all of the walking, crowds, and long lines and the kids quickly get cranky. The adults start to wonder whose idea of fun this was!

But what if you could visit an amusement park for children that was full of fun and magic without the overwhelm? A park geared just for younger kids and families.

Read on to see why Santa’s Village Jefferson New Hampshire is one of the greatest children’s theme parks.

Why Santa’s Village Jefferson New Hampshire Is One Of The Best Amusement Parks In US

Irresistible Rare Christmas Theme Parks

What is more magical to younger children than Christmas? This park is perfectly themed to bring out the most magical season for kids all year long.

The music throughout is Christmas, the photo props, the treats, the snow. The rides and park activities are all Christmas-themed too.

Nothing in this child theme park is spared from the Christmas theme. By the time you leave you may even be confused about what time of year it is!

Girl Reads Santa's Nice List At Santa's Village Jefferson New Hampshire Christmas Theme Parks

This Child Theme Parks Stress-Free And EVERYTHING Is Included In The Price

Time with your family should be fun and relaxing. Santa’s Village actually makes this possible.

The parking is close to the park entrance and free. The admission is always the same price. You don’t have to try to find deals or codes.

The activities within the park are all included in the price. Other than buying food to feed the reindeer (really cheap), we didn’t find extra charges for anything!

They even allow you to use their strollers for free. I have never seen a free stroller rental before.

The park is also a very manageable size for families to navigate. There is plenty to keep you busy, but not so much walking to be overwhelming. All of this is a huge win with little kids in tow! 

Man And Girl At Entrance To Santa's Village Jefferson New Hampshire Christmas Theme Parks

Christmas Theme Parks Have Magical Activities Throughout

What really makes this place shine, and will remain in your child’s memory after you leave, are all the little magical activities throughout the park.

The Magical Talking Reindeer At The Door Shows You How Unique This Children’s Theme Parks Going To Be!

Before you even enter the admission gate, the magic of the park already starts. You will notice a little shed with a reindeer in it. This is the magical talking reindeer.

You can ask it any question and it magically answers you. It’s not some generic recorded answer either, but a very specific answer to your question. So fun!

Girl With Talking Reindeer Santa's Village Jefferson New Hampshire Christmas Theme Parks

The Elfabet Game

Once you enter the park, on the right side you will see a building called Elf University. Go inside and grab your free card to play the Elfabet Game.

Throughout the park, kids search for an elf statue that represents each letter of the alphabet. The child punches the game card at each one and the elf plays a fun little song.

In the end, the holes punched create a pattern on the card. The kids turn in the card at Elf University before they leave.

They graduate with a certificate and little prize. Kids love this game and I still know the little elf song years after our visit!

Our Favorite Holiday Theme Park Activity Was Feeding Live Reindeer

Santa’s Reindeer are at Santa’s Village to pet and feed. They were so soft and gentle. We were blown away by their huge furry antlers.

You buy reindeer feed and can hand feed Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen, and Rudolph. Their name is above each stall. So fun and magical!

This was our favorite thing in the park! In fact, Sissy went back and fed them a second time.

Girl Feeding Live Reindeer Santa's Village Jefferson New Hampshire Christmas Theme Parks

What Christmas Theme Park Is Complete Without A Visit With Santa?

Have a visit with the big man. There is something super exciting about visiting Santa in the summertime.

Sissy felt like she was getting a jump start on her Christmas list by seeing Santa early! Santa is included in your ticket and you can take your own pictures.

Girl Visits Santa Santa's Village Jefferson New Hampshire Christmas Theme Parks

Great Family Rides Make This One Of The Best Theme Parks US For Little Kids

Save the upside-down thrill rides for another theme park. This park is full of rides perfect for younger kids and for families.

Sissy was 9 when we visited, and she loved all the rides there. There are also 2 little rollercoasters there that are fun but not heavy-duty.

The rides are all Christmas-themed. Our favorite was a simulated snow tubing hill. It was so much fun.

We visited on a weekday in July and the park seemed fairly busy, but we never had to wait in line for more than a few minutes. It would of course be more crowded on the weekends, but the lines here won’t have the insane waits that larger parks often have.

Tubing Hill Ride At Santa's Village Jefferson New Hampshire Christmas Theme Parks

Kid Adventure Parks Are Even Better When They Have A Waterpark

An awesome bonus to this park is the included waterpark. If you start to get too hot, take a break and cool off.

There is a changing area where the water park begins. The waterpark area has a few fun attractions.

It’s easy to cool off for a bit and then go back to the main park. Kids love that you can do both on the same day.

A Swing Ride At Santa's Village Jefferson New Hampshire Christmas Theme Parks

This Christmas Theme Park Even Has A Holiday Goodbye Show

Have you ever been having such a wonderful time that it is hard to get your child to leave? Santa’s Village even has a solution for the closing time meltdown.

There is a little stage at the park exit. At closing time they put on a cute little show with snow, music, and characters.

The goodbye show is both cute and the perfect way to usher you and your littles out the door. This lets you leave with the magic versus the meltdown.

Adventure Tip: Santa’s Village closes really early similar to most attractions in New Hampshire. Check the hours and plan your time in the park.

Pro Tip: They used to allow you to arrive after 2 pm one day and then use your ticket for a full day. I noticed they changed this during the pandemic. Check during your visit to see if they bring this back in the future.

Ice Princess Show Santa's Village Jefferson New Hampshire Christmas Theme Parks

The Scenic Fun Location In The White Mountains Of Jefferson New Hampshire

Part of the charm of this park is the gorgeous mountain views. We didn’t visit at Christmas, but I can imagine how much more amazing it would be with the snow-covered mountain tops.

The White Mountains are also full of other fun things to see and do as a family. For more ideas, check out 11 Fun Activities For A Family Vacation In The White Mountains, NH.

Ferris Wheel At Santa's Village Jefferson New Hampshire Christmas Theme Parks

Frequently Asked Questions Santa’s Village Jefferson New Hampshire Christmas Theme Park

Where Is Santa’s Village?

Santa’s Village is located in the beautiful White Mountains region of central New Hampshire in the city of Jefferson. This is an entertaining area to take a family vacation with loads of outdoor activities and exciting attractions. In the winter, it is a top ski destination.

Do You Have To Wear Mask At Santas Village NH?

At the time of writing this, masks are optional in the park. However, be sure to check the website for updated requirements. Also, all daily tickets must be purchased in advance online.

What Rides Are At Santa’s Village?

Santa’s Village NH is full of family-friendly Christmas-themed rides. The park and rides are geared toward kids under 12 and there are no thrill rides. There is a family roller coaster, a simulated snow sledding hill, and a water park that is included in your admission.

Does Santa’s Village have reindeer?

One of the best parts of this park is the live reindeer that you can both pet and feed! Inexpensive feed is available in the barn with the reindeer. These beautiful giants are so neat to see in person.

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What is your favorite amusement park for younger kids? Please leave me a comment!

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Enjoy your adventure detour!

Live Reindeer At Santa's Village Jefferson New Hampshire Christmas Theme Parks
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