AdventureGenie First AI RV Trip Planner: Review + Tips For Use

Is it possible to plan the perfect RV vacation using artificial intelligence? AdventureGenie is the first AI RV trip planner to hit the scene, and we are absolutely loving it so far.

Planning an RV trip can be time-consuming and stressful, especially when trying to find the right campgrounds, activities, and routes.

With so many details to consider, it can be difficult to make sure you have a great trip. As full-time RVers, we need all the help we can get with constant trip planning.

AdventureGenie is new AI RV trip planner is a game-changing tool that simplifies the entire process while also creating customized recommendations based on our needs and interests.

Keep reading to learn all about this new tool, as well as tips to simplify your next RV trip!

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Key Takeaways

  • AdventureGenie is an AI-powered RV trip planner that simplifies and customizes the planning process.
  • The platform considers individual user preferences to create customized itineraries with GenieJourney and save time finding campgrounds that meet RVer’s needs with GenieMatch.
  • GenieTrips offers inspiration for your next RV adventure by providing curated trips, while GenieWishes finds activities for each stop that meet your interests.
  • Free 30-day trial available.

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RV in state park campsite

What is AdventureGenie: AI-Powered Trip Planner?

AdventureGenie is the world’s first AI-powered trip planner for RVing. This new platform was developed to provide a comprehensive, one-stop RV travel solution for campers, RVers, and road trippers.

Over 8 years of our family’s full-time RV travel, we have spent countless hours with many RV apps and websites open, trying to coordinate RV travel planning. It’s a lot of work and still doesn’t always turn out the best.  

The RV trip planning process is not only time-consuming, but we sometimes end up in campgrounds that I wouldn’t have chosen if I knew what they were really like beforehand.

When we found out about AdventureGenie, we were excited to give it a try. So how is it going? 

By incorporating AI into the RV trip planning process, AdventureGenie simplifies the way we plan our trips.

Using AI-based algorithms and advanced technology, AdventureGenie aims to answer the vexing question: What is the best way to plan the perfect family adventure tailored to our specific preferences? 


We were honestly a bit skeptical about HOW AI could be useful as a road trip planner for RV travel however, we have been pleasantly surprised.

AdventureGenie not only creates itineraries but also intelligently generates custom journeys based on popular theme trips.

Backed by AI, this RV trip planner offers detailed trip guides, including recommended campgrounds and activities tailored to our personal preferences.  

It not only helps us find where to go but also what to do when we arrive. This trip planner AI is a game-changer, and we are hooked. Let’s dive into the specific features of AdventureGenie.

Campfire by the lake RVing - RV travel planning with AdventureGenie

Summary of Adventure Genie Features

As an AI RV trip planner, AdventureGenie provides many innovative features to help RVers and road trippers effortlessly plan their adventures. 


Feel like you don’t know where you would like to travel in your RV and wish you had some preplanned trip itineraries that are known winners to choose from? That is exactly what you get with GenieTrips. 

GenieTrips are personalized itineraries created by AdventureGenie based on RV travelers’ preferences and needs.

With a vast database of campgrounds, activities, and points of interest, GenieTrips provides route and trip planning so you can focus on enjoying the adventure instead of getting bogged down in the planning process.

Of course, you can also create your own itinerary as well.


GenieJourney is an adaptable route planning tool that considers your average distance, travel preferences, and the length of your trip.

This feature provides an itinerary based on real-time information, allowing for a worry-free experience as you explore new destinations. 

As part of the Trip Planner, you can use GenieJourney to tell Adventure Genie the type of trip you want to take to get a custom itinerary.

For example, I might say, “I would like to take a 2-week trip across the Midwest to visit the best amusement parks.”


With GenieStops, you’ll never have to worry about finding the perfect campgrounds and places to rest.

AdventureGenie curates a list of recommended stops, taking into account your personal preferences, ensuring you’ll always have a comfortable place to park your RV overnight to break up long trips and recharge for the next day’s adventure.


GenieMatch is a recommendation system that sifts through AdventureGenie’s extensive database of campgrounds to match you with the best options based on your personal preferences set in your Profile.

This feature makes your trip-planning experience much more streamlined and enjoyable. GenieMatch alone makes this RV planner worth it for us!


The GenieScore feature rates each campground with an AI-driven score. This score allows you to quickly determine the quality and suitability of each location, helping you make informed decisions about where to stay during your RV travels.


Ever wish you had a way to quickly figure out if a campground will work for you? That is our biggest wish as we spend hours sometimes looking for campgrounds and going through reviews. 

AdventureGenie offers detailed GenieSummaries for over 25,000 public and private campgrounds, making it easy to find the ideal accommodations for your trip.

These summaries provide essential information, such as amenities, location, and nearby attractions. 

AdventureGenie’s AI combs the internet, going through campground reviews to put what you need to know into one brief summary, allowing you to plan your stops with confidence.

GenieSummaries are one of the features we like the best. 

It’s like talking to a friend who has just stayed at the campground. How incredibly helpful to know what you are getting yourself into before showing up!


Lastly, GenieWishes allows you to input the things you like to do while traveling.

This information is then used by the AI trip planner to create personalized activity recommendations for each stop to create your ideal RV trip. 

We love seeing the activities GenieWishes recommends for us. This is one of the most fun customization features of AdventureGenie!

Family camping with a campfire - RV route planner AdventureGenie

AdventureGenie Plans: Basic Plan Versus Pro Plan

When it comes to planning an RV trip using AdventureGenie, users have two options: the Basic Plan and the Pro Plan. The Basic Plan is free and provides some limited features to explore and try out.

The Basic Plan allows you to search for campgrounds and check out the GenieSummary.

However, you need the Pro Plan to use GenieMatch and to add the campground to the Trip Planner.

You can also view GenieTrips to get RV trip itinerary ideas on the free plan. However, there is no way to customize the GenieTrips or access the Trip Planner unless you get the Pro Plan.

You can try the Pro Plan for free during a 7-day trial. No credit card is required for the free trial, so there is no need to cancel at the end.

The free trial can help you decide if the Pro Plan annual subscription is worth it for your RV travel planning needs. If it meets your needs, you can subscribe at that time.

What Does Adventure Genie Cost?

In terms of cost, the AdventureGenie Pro Plan is competitively priced, especially when considering the level of customization, AI-driven features, and exclusive benefits.

The AdventureGenie Pro Plan cost is normally $49.99 per year, but we have a deal for you.

Coupon Code To Save Money On AdventureGenie

Our readers can get the AdventureGenie Pro Plan subscription for $34.99 a year by using the discount code ADVENTUREDETOUR60 at checkout.

Get your AdventureGenie 30 Day FREE TRIAL then $34.95 for 1 yr with code ADVENTURE60

How To Get Started With AdventureGenie

It’s easy to both sign up for AdventureGenie and to begin using it. You will see a button at the bottom left of the screen that says “Get Started.” This is where you can sign up for your free account. 

Slideshow explaining how to use AdventureGenie as RV planner

Once you have an AdventureGenie account, this button will provide Trip Planner Tutorials, which include step-by-step help to plan your first trip. This is also where you can search FAQs and contact Support.

Slideshow explaining how to use AdventureGenie to plan RV road trip

How To Use AdventureGenie For Your Next Trip

As RV enthusiasts, we are all about trying new things to make our camping adventures better.

By using the AI-powered RV trip planner Adventure Genie, we can enter our trip preferences, such as preferred destinations, activities, and interests like national parks and themed trips. 

The AI trip planner quickly analyzes our input and generates a customized itinerary based on my needs and desires. Let’s dive into the details of how to use AdventureGenie as your RV trip planner AI.

1) Decide Where To Go

Your first decision in your RV vacation is to pick where to go. You can use AdventureGenie to choose an existing itinerary or create your own.

Use GenieTrips For RV Itinerary Inspiration

AdventureGenie’s route planning offers a unique and efficient approach to help you plan your perfect RV journey.

The preplanned and themed itineraries cater to your specific interests, ideal places, or even specific travel themes.

Slideshow explaining how to use AdventureGenie for RV AI travel
Slideshow explaining how to use AdventureGenie trip planner AI

There are many exciting itineraries to choose from with themes such as national parks, historic coastal towns, and music towns. Here are some examples of GenieTrips to choose from:

  • Idaho Road Trip – Mountains, Lakes, & Waterfalls
  • Southern Charm: Historic Coastal Towns
  • Follow The Blues: The South’s Great Music Towns
  • Craters, Cascades, & Volcanoes: Washington & Oregon

Let’s choose the GenieTrip from Key West to St. Augustine, FL, as an example. We have taken this trip, and it is fabulous!

Slideshow showing how to use AdventureGenie as RV travel AI

Once you select a GenieTrip itinerary, simply click “Take This Trip” to add it to your Trip Planner.

In the Trip Planner, you can select the number of miles you wish to travel each day under “Routing Options” and customize the itinerary by adding or removing stops. 

Slideshow explaining how to use RV AI travel planner AdventureGenie

To add a stop, press the “Add Or Remove Stops” button and then hit the “Plus” at the part of your itinerary you wish to add to. 

Slideshow explaining how to use AdventureGenie as an RV trip planner AI

When entering a stop/location into the trip planner search bar, this is the type of information to get the best results:

  • City and state
  • City
  • National and state parks
  • Street address (with city and state)
  • Campground name

Using the auto-fill options provided by the AI trip planner provides the best search results. 

You can also add Points of Interest (POIs) to your trip by clicking “POIs” under each stop in your itinerary. These POI stops are shown as black stars on the map.

Slideshow explaining how to use AdventureGenie the first AI RV trip planner

Plan Your Own Trip Using The Trip Planner

Prefer to create your own RV trip itinerary? You can go directly into the Trip Planner and begin adding your own travel route stops.

Here, you can use the AI-powered trip planner to choose between two options while planning your trips—Custom Trip and GenieJourney.

Both of these options use AI technology to help design your travel itinerary, but they offer different levels of control. 

Custom Trip

With Custom Trip, you can enter specific destinations to include in your trip itinerary, giving you complete control over your trip.

Hit the “Add Or Remove Stops Button,” then hit the “Plus” symbol within your itinerary to add a stop.

Slideshow explaining how to use AdventureGenie as road trip planner RV


GenieJourney is fully AI-powered and does the research and planning for you based on a brief description of what you want in your desired trip. 

For example, suppose you want to take a two-week trip to the top wine regions in Northern California.

Slideshow explaining how to use AdventureGenie

In that case, GenieJourney will search the internet for reliable articles and information, recommend stops at the top spots related to your search terms, and create a route and travel itinerary for you.

(Note that this feature is still in Beta testing, and the intelligent adventure options provided by the platform will continue to improve.)

Slideshow explaining how to use AdventureGenie for RV trip planning

2) Pick The Perfect Campground

Choosing the right campground as an RV traveler is essential for a great trip. With AdventureGenie’s AI-generated campground database, finding the perfect campsite is much easier.

AdventureGenie boasts a comprehensive database containing over 25,000 public and private campgrounds across the United States. You can easily set specific campground preferences in Profile Settings under Preferences. 

This information, combined with AI technology, matches you with the best campground options catering to exactly what you are looking for, such as water, power, dump stations, on-site pool, and your desired price range per night.

To search for and add a campground, select “Stays” under each stop in your itinerary. This will bring up the map near your stop, showing nearby options to choose from.

Slideshow to explain AdventureGenie RV road trip planner

You will see campground listings on the left side of the screen as well as corresponding pins on the map to each. Once you click on a campground, you can select “View Campground” to learn more about it.

Slideshow explaining how to use AdventureGenie as a camping planner

Every campground listed features a unique GenieScore and GenieMatch.

The GenieScore is AdventureGenie’s overall rating system, while the GenieMatch indicates how well each campground meets the preferences you entered in your Profile.

This helps save time and find the perfect campground by comparing amenities, reviews, and ratings.

The GenieSummary also helps travelers decide if a campground is right for them.

Campground reviews from across the internet are scanned to create this brief summary of the good, the bad, and the ugly to help get a feel for what the place is really like before showing up.

I love knowing that I have access to a vast amount of information from veteran road warriors and legions of trip planners at our fingertips.

Slideshow explaining how to use AdventureGenie to plan an RV vacation

The From The Campground section provides information about the location from the campground’s website. It’s how the campground describes its property and amenities.

This is different from the GenieSummary, which pulls campground information from the reviews of other RVers.

Slideshow explaining how to use AdventureGenie to plan a camping road trip

When viewing the campground information, you can also hit the “Map” tab to view the Google Earth Satellite view of the campground.

This can be helpful to view the layout of the campground and campsites, especially for larger RVs.

Slideshow explaining how to use AdventureGenie as road trip planner for RV

If you decide to add the campground to your itinerary, click the “Add To Trip” button.

The campground will then show up under the stop’s “Stays” tab and will be shown on your map with a tent icon. You can also add your dates under the Select Dates field of the campground. 

Slideshow explaining how to use AdventureGenie for RV travel planning

Want to stay at a place not listed in the database? Instead of selecting a campground, hit the “Add Custom Stay” under the stop.

AdventureGenie allows you to add a stay to your itinerary, such as a Cracker Barrel parking lot or mom’s driveway. This is real-world RVing right here, folks!

AdventureGenie’s campground selection tool not only simplifies the RV trip planning process but also helps you choose the right campgrounds to make your journey a memorable one.

3) Plan Custom Activities Tailored To Your Interests For Each Stop

As a camper who loves exploring new places, I find the AdventureGenie AI RV Trip Planner particularly helpful in planning trips that cater to my interests.

With its advanced algorithms and intelligent adventure planning tools, it ensures that my travel experience is one of a kind.

One of the most exciting features in the AdventureGenie Trip Planner is GenieWishes.

Under the “Wishes” button, you will be asked two questions: “What are your interests?” and “What do you want to do at stops on this trip?” 

Slideshow explaining how to use AdventureGenie as the best RV Trip planner

By answering these questions, AdventureGenie’s AI generates customized activities and attractions for each stop on the trip.

When you hit the “Generate Wishes” button, a list of activities meeting your interests will be generated for each stop in your itinerary! 

Slideshow explaining how to use AdventureGenie AI trip planner for RVers

We absolutely love this feature. This is a huge time saver when trip planning. You can find all of the activity recommendations in the “Notes” section of each stop in your itinerary. 

Slide showing how to use AdventureGenie as an AI road trip planner

The beauty of GenieWishes is that it takes the manual work out of area attraction searches.

The advanced algorithms work with the details I provide to suggest a tailored list of area attractions and outdoor adventures, including well-known sites and hidden gems.

Tips For Using The AdventureGenie Trip Planner

We have been using AdventureGenie for a while now, and it’s not only been a time saver, but we find it really fun to use by checking out what it suggests.

Often, we put things in just to see what it says, even if we don’t need to plan a trip! 

Some of the GenieSummaries of the campgrounds are funny but also usually spot on at the places we have stayed in the past.

Here are some hacks and considerations we have found along the way using AdventureGenie.


One of the most overlooked but helpful features of AdventureGenie is the “Notes” section under each stop in the itinerary.

In this section, I can add important information for each stop of my journey, such as reservation confirmation numbers, check-in times, deposit amounts, the amount due, and campsite numbers. 

Under “Notes” is also where the AI-generated GenieWishes activity recommendations are stored.

By keeping all these details in one place, I can effortlessly keep track of my entire trip.

Download Or Print Itinerary

Another helpful tip is to download or print out the trip plans. I know we are a bit old school to prefer having everything laid out nicely on paper, but it really comes in handy when internet coverage is poor. 

This way, everyone in the group can easily refer to the itinerary and stay informed about the details of the trip.

You will see 4 small orange icon buttons in the Trip Planner, which is where you will find the option to “Save,” “Download or Print,” “Create New Trip,” or view in the “Calendar.”

Hitting the “Calendar” icon button is a great way to view your trip itinerary.

Slideshow explaining how to use AdventureGenie AI trip planner

We highly recommend AdventureGenie to RV owners as a time-saving and fun RV travel planning tool. Just keep these tips in mind to make the most of your experience using this AI-powered camping planner.

Pros And Cons Of Using AdventureGenie To Plan Your RV Vacation

While we have enjoyed using AdventureGenie as our RV road trip planner, just like with anything, there are pros and cons.

Let’s take a look at the benefits and drawbacks of using AI to plan RV road trips.


  • AdventureGenie uses next-generation technology to understand what RV travelers want when planning exciting adventures. 
  • Intelligently generates custom-themed trips, providing detailed trip guides and recommended campgrounds and activities.
  • Find trip inspiration through GenieTrips or plan your own stops in the Trip Planner. 
  • Saves time and simplifies trip planning. 
  • Not only plans where to go, but it also suggests what to do when you get there to match your interests through GenieWishes.
  • Uses your specific needs to find the best campgrounds with GenieMatch and creates a GenieSummary, which summarizes campground reviews from across the internet, saving you time researching the best places to stay.
  • It eliminates the need for using multiple apps and websites in trip planning and even lets you set the number of miles you wish to travel each day.


  • The trip planner function works best on a computer or tablet.
  •  AdventureGenie doesn’t replace an RV GPS. AdventureGenie routes are intended to be safe for large RVs and semis, but it’s not an RV GPS or navigation system offering RV-specific turn-by-turn routes. 
  • You still need to use your own RV-safe GPS system on the road for accurate turn-by-turn directions.
  • Inaccuracies can sometimes exist with AI. AI combs the internet for existing information, however it may also pull the wrong information if something incorrect exists.
  • It takes some playing around with AdventureGenie to learn how to use it. There are many great features to discover.

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Family camping with a campfire - RV route planner AdventureGenie

What Makes AdventureGenie Different From Other RV Trip Planners?

In the ever-changing travel industry, AdventureGenie is making a splash with its unique approach to RV trip planning.

As the world’s first RV travel planner powered by artificial intelligence, it sets itself apart from other best road trip planners, offering customization and convenience that cater to individual preferences, interests, and budgets.

One of the most notable aspects of AdventureGenie is its route planning capability.

Traditional guidebook-style recommendations often limit the ability to explore new places and experiences. 


With AdventureGenie, you can customize your trip in a way that suits you best. Whether planning long trips or shorter getaways, its intuitive interface allows for personalizing a travel itinerary with ease.

A standout feature is the addition of GenieStops. AdventureGenie helps you find unique stopping points, breaking up long drives and keeping the excitement alive with spontaneous discoveries.

These stops not only enrich RV travel but also ensure that you don’t miss out on hidden gems.


When considering campgrounds, the options can be overwhelming.

AdventureGenie helps simplify the process by scouring through tons of data points to recommend campgrounds that align with your preferences and requirements.

It allows you to save time by simplifying the search process and providing a custom RV experience.

The AdventureGenie tool also enhances your RV adventures by suggesting activities and interests specific to what you like to do.

By incorporating your exact interests it creates a truly personalized vacation that breaks away from conventional one-size-fits-all itineraries.

Another unique aspect of AdventureGenie is its ability to set driving distances per day. It helps manage long routes more effectively, making AdventureGenie one of the most adaptable planners in the market.


For those seeking inspiration, GenieTrips takes the lead with its preplanned itineraries that cater to various interests and preferences.

These curated trips offer a starting point for exploration, providing new ideas to travel enthusiasts and helping you make the most out of your RV experience.

By incorporating these innovative and unique AI features, AdventureGenie is a fun and efficient RV trip planner, elevating the way RVers experience travel adventures.

Family playing catch while RVing - AI RV trip planner AdventureGenie

Why Is There A Need For AdventureGenie?

Planning RV and camping trips can be a time-consuming and sometimes frustrating experience.

I often find myself juggling multiple websites and apps, from individual campground websites to mapping tools and even searching for area attractions. 

While there are plenty of travel websites and guidebooks out there, most of them fall short in addressing the unique needs of RV travelers.

Many apps promise to simplify trip planning but fail to provide comprehensive Support for customizing trips according to individual user preferences. 

For instance, some apps may have adequate route planners, yet they only list a few campgrounds near a stop, which makes it difficult to find where to stay.

It also takes a lot of time to comb through all of the campground reviews in that area to figure out where the best place to stay is.

Nothing Plans Like I Do

I’ve always felt that none of the existing websites or apps really understood the way I plan my RV trips.

Sometimes, I enjoy meandering on and off a route, while other times, I prefer heading straight to my destination to fully explore the area. 

If you are like me, you may find that your taste in campgrounds also varies depending on the trip. Sometimes, I am drawn to “middle of nowhere” campsites, while at other times, I appreciate RV resorts with all the amenities.

This is where AdventureGenie comes in as the world’s first AI RV road trip planner geared specifically towards people like me.

AdventureGenie’s unique appeal lies in its ability to think like actual travelers, enabling RVers to create a trip that fits their needs and preferences. 

Multiple Tools In One

What makes it stand out is its powerful RV planner that consolidates all the necessary planning tools in one place, making trip planning a breeze.

AdventureGenie fills a significant gap in the market by catering to the specific requirements and desires of RV travelers by transforming the usually complex process of trip planning into a streamlined and personalized experience.

Get your AdventureGenie 30 Day FREE TRIAL then $34.95 for 1 yr with code ADVENTURE60

Couple having coffee while RV camping - AI road trip planner

Does AdventureGenie Have An App?

As of now, AdventureGenie does not have a dedicated app. In my experience, using AdventureGenie’s AI road trip planner on a laptop or tablet provides optimal results.

Interactive maps and other visual aids make trip planning a breeze on a larger screen. 

The platform takes advantage of the additional screen space to deliver a user-friendly experience while planning your road trip.

Another feature of AdventureGenie is the ability to print out your trip itinerary.

This option can come in handy when you’re on the road and have limited access to the internet or prefer to have a physical copy on hand.

This eliminates the need for a mobile app and ensures that you have all essential information at your fingertips throughout your journey.

Does AdventureGenie Replace Your RV Safe GPS?

While AdventureGenie, AI-powered RV trip planner, offers a personalized and unique experience, it’s important to note that it does not replace an RV safe GPS.

While the AdventureGenie serves as an RV route planner by creating personalized travel itineraries and helping you discover new campgrounds, an RV-safe GPS is essential for accurate, real-time navigation during your journey. 

An RV-safe GPS system is specifically built to guide RVers on their journey by considering the specific dimensions of the vehicle and providing routes that avoid low clearances, weight restrictions, propane restrictions, and other potential obstacles.

As someone who has used both tools, I would advise RV travelers to use the two platforms in tandem.

By utilizing both tools, you can ensure a well-planned and worry-free adventure on the open road.

RV camping in Ocala National Forest - RV lifestyle

What We Like Most About Using AdventureGenie

As long-time RVers, we’ve found AdventureGenie to be a game-changer in trip planning.

Its comprehensive, personalized AI travel system simplifies the process, saving us both time and effort. 

With AdventureGenie, I no longer need multiple apps or websites to plan my trips, as it offers a one-stop solution to my RV travel needs.

Saves Time Finding A Campsite

Finding a campsite has never been easier. AdventureGenie allows me to set my preferences and provides me with a score for each campsite, making my decision-making process much faster and with fewer unwelcome surprises when we arrive. 

One of the most valuable features is the summary of campground reviews from across the internet that AdventureGenie provides, saving me a considerable amount of time.

Sometimes, we enter in campgrounds just for fun to see what the Campground Summary says.

Finds Activities We Are Interested In

The immersive nature of AdventureGenie isn’t limited to just finding a campsite. It also helps me plan my activities once I arrive at my destination. 

We love using GenieWishes to find activities custom-tailored to our interests.

This is especially helpful when faced with the ever-vexing question of what to do once I reach my destination. AdventureGenie is a fun platform to use and really helps to streamline our RV travels. 

Who Founded AdventureGenie? And Why?

AdventureGenie was created by Scott Lengel, a former Microsoft senior technology executive and veteran CEO/Investor David Greenberg.

They developed AdventureGenie to address the challenges faced when planning RV trips. As an avid RVer, Scott understood the frustration that goes into organizing these adventures. 

“We founded AdventureGenie because, as RVers ourselves, we experienced the pain and complexity of planning a camping journey,” said CEO Scott Lengel.

“We had 10 apps and websites open at once. Each was adequate at one part of the planning process, but none pulled it all together. Our goal was a one-stop shop that answers the question: What to do? How to get there? Where to stay?” 

David Greenberg, Chairman of AdventureGenie, also felt the need for a complete solution to plan RV trips and fulfill the dreams of campers. The company’s offering includes GenieTrips, where detailed itineraries for popular destinations are available.

Additionally, their extensive database of over 25,000 campgrounds makes it easier for travelers to find the perfect place for their journey, thanks to GenieSummaries, GenieScores, and GenieMatch. 

Girl standing by lake in Yosemite Valley - visiting a national park without reservations

How Does AdventureGenie Use AI To Plan RV Travel?

AdventureGenie uses AI to summarize vast information about campgrounds, saving RVers time in planning their next adventure.

With the help of natural language processing, AI allows you to use everyday language to describe what you want to do on your trip.

This pairs RVers and campers with their favored activities in the destinations they plan to visit.

AdventureGenie offers innovative features such as GenieSummaries, which use AI ‘sentiment analysis’ to provide a summary of each campground based on publicly available information.

This saves travelers time sorting through campground reviews and trying to learn the benefits and drawbacks of camping locations. 

An overall score for each campground from 0 to 100 is also generated.

AdventureGenie includes an extensive database of over 25,000 public and private campgrounds and proprietary AI-based algorithms to customize itineraries for each user.

Sentiment Analysis

Other noteworthy features include GenieScores, an AI campground rating system using sentiment analysis, and GenieMatch, which uses AI to predict with a percentage likelihood how well a campground meets users’ desired preferences.

Revolutionary AI technology also produces custom activity recommendations for each of my stops, called GenieWishes.

Furthermore, RVers can use GenieJourney to tell AdventureGenie what kind of trip they want to take, and it will create a custom itinerary. 

For example, if I say, “I want to take a three-week trip up the coast of Maine to visit lighthouses and stop at Acadia National Park,” AdventureGenie will create the route for me within the Trip Planner. This feature is currently in beta development and is still being improved.

Are You Skeptical About Using AI?

I must admit, when I first heard about AdventureGenie’s AI RV trip planner, I was a bit skeptical.

Is it possible for an artificial intelligence-powered travel planning tool to understand my specific needs and preferences when planning an RV trip? 

But then I got to know more about AdventureGenie’s smart technology.

The AI engine behind the platform utilizes natural language processing and advanced algorithms to analyze not only the context of an RV trip but also the user’s intent. 

It delves deep into the key questions that come into an RVer’s mind and uses the information provided by the user to deliver a personalized experience.

When I learned that AdventureGenie maintains an extensive database of campgrounds and incorporates next-generation technology similar to Google Earth and Google Bard, my skepticism was less.

The fact that this platform is focused on RV trip planning adds an extra layer of reliability and relevance to its AI-powered suggestions.

Commitment To Privacy

What really put my concerns to rest, though, was when I found out about AdventureGenie’s commitment to user privacy.

Scott Lengel, Founder of AdventureGenie, addressed this issue on the Beyond The Wheel Podcast

He emphasized that while the AI needs to know about the user’s preferences to provide better results, the platform does not share personal data outside of the Adventure Genie system.

You can even review their terms & conditions to confirm this commitment.

After diving into the many advantages of using AdventureGenie’s AI RV trip planner, I realized that my initial skepticism was unwarranted.

It seems this revolutionary tool can genuinely make the process of planning an RV adventure simpler and more enjoyable than ever before.

Man and girl viewing bubbling mud pots in Lassen National Park

FAQs AdventureGenie AI RV Trip Planner

What are the main features of AdventureGenie AI RV Trip Planner?

AdventureGenie AI RV Trip Planner focuses on answering three main questions for campers and RVers: what to do, how to get there, and where to stay. It provides smart itineraries, a vast database of campgrounds, and AI-powered trip planning, making it a comprehensive and efficient road trip planner for RV enthusiasts.

What is the best RV trip planner?

The best RV trip planner is AdventureGenie, which is also the only AI RV trip planner. Equipped with artificial intelligence technology, it simplifies RV trip planning by offering personalized experiences that adapt to unique traveler requirements. AdventureGenie stands out in the market of RV travel planners.

How does AdventureGenie help in planning cross-country RV trips?

AdventureGenie assists in planning cross-country RV trips by using artificial intelligence to adapt its recommendations based on user’s interests and preferences. This results in customized itineraries, appropriate campgrounds, and optimized routes, making long-distance RV trip planning easier and more enjoyable.

Is there a free version of AdventureGenie AI RV Trip Planner available?

Yes, there is a free version of AdventureGenie called the Basic Plan. In the free version, you can search for campgrounds and view the GenieSummary to learn more. You can also get RV trip itinerary inspiration by viewing GenieTrips.

How do you use an RV trip planner?

To use an RV trip planner like AdventureGenie, you need to input your travel preferences, desired destinations, and trip duration. After gathering this information, the AI-powered trip planner will generate custom itineraries, provide campground suggestions, and optimize your route for a smooth and enjoyable RV adventure.

How is AI used in AdventureGenie?

AI is used in AdventureGenie to understand users’ preferences and requirements for trip planning. By analyzing this data, the platform generates personalized itineraries, campground recommendations, and optimized routes that adapt to the unique needs of each RV traveler. AI technology is the key to simplifying RV trip planning.

How do you cancel AdventureGenie?

To cancel your AdventureGenie annual subscription, first log into your account. Then click on your account Profile. You will see at the bottom the words “cancel subscription” in orange text.

Who can you contact for help with AdventureGenie?

An easy way to get help with using AdventureGenie is to click on the “Get Started” bubble at the bottom of the page. This launches tutorials based on what you are trying to do. You can also go to your Profile and click on Support to open a help ticket.

Where is AdventureGenie’s headquarters?

AdventureGenie’s headquarters is located in Bluffton, South Carolina, United States.

What Happened To Good Sam Trip Planner?

The Good Sam Trip Planner was discontinued in April 2019. Adventure Genie is a great option for RV trip planning and personalized planning.

Are You Excited To Try AdventureGenie As An AI RV Trip Planner?

AdventureGenie offers a unique and efficient way to plan RV trips, saving RVers time and effort.

The AI-powered planning tool intelligently creates customized itineraries based on specific traveler preferences, which makes the whole planning process simple and enjoyable. 

I feel confident recommending AdventureGenie to fellow RV enthusiasts. It has made a significant difference in the way I plan my trips and has helped me to enjoy the process just as much as the adventure itself.

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