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We are so glad you found us! We are Scott, Van, and Sissy – a family full-time RV living, working as digital nomads, and roadschooling. 

We have been traveling and living in an RV full-time for 8 years and are still rolling along. Our RV life has taken us to 42 US states so far. It’s been a wild ride!

The goal of this website is to be a resource for RV tips, RV travel destinations, and the full-time RV living lifestyle.

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Why Let Us Be Your RV Travel Guide?

We have been on the road a long time and have experienced BOTH the incredible parts of RV travel and the struggles of RVing. We like to keep it real and share ALL of the parts of this lifestyle.

RV traveling is a blast but also can be challenging. We share the challenges and also the solutions to work around them.

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Where Have We Traveled So Far?

We haven’t been to every US state yet, but you can bet they are all on our list. Our family RV travel goal is to make it to each state and every major national park.

So far, we have visited 42 states, 37 national parks, and have traveled both the West Coast and the East Coast from tip to tip. We can’t wait to share our RV destination tips with you for all of these places.

Grab Our Free RV Campsite Reservation Guide

We don’t just feature all of the amazing places that you can travel to in your RV. We also provide solutions to common RVing challenges so you can remain happy campers.

One of our biggest hurdles in RV camping is getting into tough-to-book state park camping and national park camping sites. You know, the incredible view camping spots that everyone fights to get a reservation for.

Over the years, we have come up with a few tricks that allow us to snag RV campsites and cancellations at parks that are typically booked solid. We share all of our tips and tricks in our FREE GUIDE: How To Score Sold-Out Campsites In State And National Parks.

Get your Reservations Tips FREE GUIDE HERE!

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